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UChicago Box - Affiliate departmental email accounts

You can set up a departmental email account as an affiliated email so that items shared intra-departmentally are accessible to all. With a UChicagoBox account, the primary email address is your UChicago email ( This can create problems for Booth users if other Box users send sharing invitations to your Booth email address. To resolve this issue, you can affiliate your Booth email addresses with your UChicago Box account.

How to affiliate your departmental email address with your UChicago Box account

Although your primary email address must be your, UChicago Box users can affiliate addition email addresses. This is beneficial when invitations for sharing a folder or file may be sent between or to departmental email addresses. We recommend first creating your UChicago Box account and affiliating any email address where you may be invited to share institutional data.

  1. Log in to UChicago Box ( with your CNetID and password

  2. In the top right you'll find your name and initials; click the drop-down arrow and select Account Settings
    Select Account Settings

  3. Click the Account tab in the window and scroll down to Login and Email Addresses. Click Add More Emails
    Click Add Emails

  4. Enter your departmental email address and click Save.
    Enter your departmental email

  5. Check your email inbox as you'll need to verify each address you've added.
    List of confirmed email addresses

Why is this needed?

Faculty and staff who may be unfamiliar with Box may mistake a personal account for the institutional one. For example, a faculty or staff member who receives an invitation to a file via their departmental email and who has set up their affiliation between that email and their Box account will see the file among all their other University-related files and folders. But a faculty or staff member who has not previously configured a UChicagoBox account and clicks on the shared file's URL will likely inadvertently walk through the process of setting up a personal account under their departmental email address. To then affiliate that address with the institutional UChicago Box account is a multi-step process that includes disassociating it with the private account before it can be associated with the institutional one.

I've set up a personal account. How do I move my email address from this private Box account to the institutional UChicago Box?

  1. Sign into your personal Box account
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Click Account Settings from the pull-down menu
    Login to your personal account

  4. Click the Account tab and scroll down to Login and Email Addresses
  5. Click Add More Emails
    Adding more email in Personal Account

  6. Add a new personal email address and click Save
  7. Check your inbox and confirm via the email confirmation letter you will receive
  8. After confirmation of the email, refresh the Account tab (you can do this by clicking another tab and returning to Account)
  9. Hover over the new alias and click to Make Primary link. You will be prompted to enter your password to validate this change.
    Make your personal email address primary

  10. When the screen refreshes, the two emails will have switched places and your departmental email will now appear in the Linked Email Addresses area
  11. Delete the departmental email; you will be asked for confirmation.
    Remve the departmental alias email

  12. You can now assign this address (perhaps after a brief delay for server reconciliation) to your UChicagoBox account.

Where can I find out more?

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