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Use Focused Inbox in Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac

This article describes what Focused Inbox is and links on how to use it for Windows and Mac.

Applies to: Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook on the web for Exchange Server 2016

Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox separates your inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other. Your most important emails are on the Focused tab while the rest remain on the Other tab. You’ll be informed about email flowing to Other, and you can switch between tabs at any time.

How does Focused Inbox work?

Focused Inbox works to prioritize what's most important. Focused Inbox is based on the content of the email (e.g., newsletters, machine-generated email, and so on) and who you interact with most often. If you need to fine-tune your Focused Inbox, Move to Focused and Move to Other options are available to do that.

  • Check out this video [:57] for a brief overview.
  • Click here to see how to use Focused Inbox for Outlook 2016, Outlook on the web and Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I see Focused Inbox in my Outlook?

You'll see Focused Inbox once your mailbox is enabled for it. If you're using an Office 365 email account in an enterprise, your admin might have disabled Focused Inbox for your organization. Contact your admin or see Manage Focused Inbox - Admin Help for assistance.

How does Focused Inbox work with Clutter?

Active Clutter users will see a prompt inviting you to try Focused Inbox. Here's an example:
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Focused Inbox Trial Invitation for Active Clutter users.

After switching, you'll no longer receive less important email in the Clutter folder. Instead, email will be split between the Focused and Other tabs in your inbox. The same algorithm that moved items to the Clutter folder now powers Focused Inbox, meaning that any emails that were set to move to Clutter will now be moved to Other. Any messages already in your Clutter folder will remain there until you decide to delete or move them.

Can I keep using Clutter instead of Focused Inbox?

Yes, but eventually, Clutter will be replaced by Focused Inbox.

If I turned off Clutter, will I still be able to try Focused Inbox?

Yes, you’ll receive a prompt to try the Focused Inbox when your mailbox is ready.

Does Focused Inbox organize all the mail in my inbox as soon as I turn it on?

Yes. As soon as you enable Focused Inbox, you’ll see the Focused and Other tabs at the top of your Inbox. The more you use Focused Inbox, the smarter it gets about how it organizes your messages. You can also teach Outlook what matters most to you by moving emails between Focused and Other, and setting overrides to make sure emails from certain senders always show up in a particular destination.

I’m using Focused Inbox already on Outlook for iOS or Android. Does anything change for me?

Nothing will change in Outlook for iOS or Android. As Outlook desktop and web apps are updated to include Focused Inbox, the content of your Focused and Other tabs will be the same across all your Outlook clients.

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