Outlook Calendar 2016 FAQ

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How do I turn on automatic replies (formerly Out of office assistant)?

If I have automatic replies turned on and someone schedules me in a meeting, do they get the auto reply notification? 

Yes, the Out of Office auto-response will be sent.

How do I share my calendar?

How do I view a shared calendar on Windows and Mac?

I want to let people know I'm busy when they look at my calendar, but I want to keep the contents of a specific meeting hidden. Is this possible.

Yes, please click Make an appointment or meeting private for instructions.

How can I prevent the publishing/searching of my free/busy information?

Set your calendar so your free/busy information is private under calendar permissions.

Please note:

  • This is not the recommended option if others need to schedule meetings with you.
  • People given rights to your calendar can still see it, but they cannot do a Free/Busy search against it. If there are already appointments on your calendar before these settings are changed, those appointments will still be searchable (e.g. entries added after the change will not be).
  • These steps do not prevent someone from inviting you to a meeting.

How do I open someone's calendar to view free/busy times? 

Unless you have delegate rights, Outlook does not have an option where you can open and view an individual's calendar (even though you only see the "busy" time blocks)

How do I schedule a conference room for a meeting?

Scheduling Assistant and the Scheduling Assistant for Exchange accounts helps you find the best time for your meeting by analyzing when rooms, are available.

What are my options when I get a meeting invitation?

There are four options for you to choose from when you receive a meeting invitation:

  1. Accept - You have accepted the time and date for the meeting and it will appear in your calendar.
  2. Tentative - You have not firmly accepted the time and date for the meeting and can change your response via your calendar. This is the default.
  3. Decline - You have declined the time and date for the meeting and it no longer will appear on your calendar.
  4. Propose New Time - You can propose a new time and date and it will send an email with your proposed time and date to the original sender.

Do I have to accept a meeting for it to appear on my calendar?

Not necessarily. Two cases will result in your meeting being placed on your calendar as tentative even if you don't accept it:

When you invite someone to a meeting, does it appear as tentative on that person's calendar?

No. However, the invited person may inadvertently place it as Tentative themselves.

What happens if I have a "tentative" appointment on my calendar and then I delete the email notification without accepting the appointment?

If you delete the email notification before you accept the "tentative" appointment, it will also delete the appointment from your calendar.

What happens when I delete a meeting?

Although you can delete a meeting request directly from your Inbox, you should properly process the meeting request by either accepting or declining it. Always use the Remove from Calendar command to process meeting cancellations from your Inbox.

Avoid processing meetings directly from the Calendar module. If you delete a meeting you created from your own calendar that has attendees, Outlook will prompt you to send an email cancellation to the other attendees. However, if you did not create the meeting, Outlook will prompt you, "Would you like to send a response to the organizer of this event?" If you do not choose yes, the event organizer will not receive any indication that you are no longer attending.

Why am I not receiving email notifications when someone schedules me in a meeting?

Any one of the following will prevent email notifications from being sent:

  • You have added a Delegate and selected that requests should be sent to 'My delegates only'. Fix this by following the first instruction in Outlook 2016 Working with as a delegate to reach the delegates window and selecting one of the other two options.
  • You have your calendar set to auto-accept meeting requests.
  • You set 'Author' permissions on your calendar. This allows a person to open your calendar by choosing 'Open a Shared Calendar' and schedule a meeting directly on your calendar. Therefore, no email notification is sent.

Can I set my calendar to display in other than 30-minute increments?

Yes, read Change how you view your Outlook calendar

What is the address to see my uchicago mail and calendaring?

The address to view my email through the online version of Outlook is https://outlook.office.com/owa/uchicago.edu

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