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This article provides information about the IRF Payroll Business Objects reporting system.


Payroll reporting is available to authorized divisional, departmental, and central administrative users through a data warehouse system. The Integrated Reporting Facility (IRF), specifically the IRF-Payroll subject area, provides access to reports containing payroll data from the University’s HRMS system. IRF-Payroll currently provides access to 16 years of historical, detailed payroll distributions.

Note: As of January 2015, IRF-Payroll is populated with payroll data from the University’s new HRMS system, Workday. Additional information is available at the following links:

HR reporting is available to authorized divisional, departmental, and central administrative users through a data warehouse system. The Integrated Reporting Facility (IRF), specifically the IRF-HR subject area, provides access to reports containing HR data from the University’s HRMS system.

Note: As of January 2015, IRF-HR is not be populated with updated data. IRF-HR was frozen with a December 23rd, 2014 snapshot of data.

As an authorized Workday user, you can run HR reports directly from the Workday system. Click for a list of standard Workday reports.

Access IRF payroll data using the Business Objects reporting tool. You can run standard (canned) reports that allow you to enter specific date ranges and filters (for example, person or department) to constrain the results to your needs. The generated report package supports simple navigation through related result sets including summary, detail, and data pivots, as well as context and help information.

You can also easily customize reports and create new queries from scratch to answer tailored questions or conduct longitudinal analysis against historical data. Security is in place so that each user only sees data within their own area of responsibility.




The Integrated Reporting Facility (IRF) contains confidential and sensitive university data. In order to use this data, you must have proper authorization. Your authorization means that you have the authority to use the data and the responsibility to share stewardship of the data with the other users.

Once authorized, you can access the data you need to do your job. However, we caution all authorized users that they are entrusted to use the data they retrieve from the IRF with care. Do not release confidential data to others except for those with a "legitimate need to know." See Personnel Policy #U601.01, "Treatment of Confidential Information".

Alert: Remember that you should never share Business Objects documents with other users with the data intact. Always send the query without the data. For further information, see Send a Report to Another User's Inbox.

Querying Data with Security Restrictions

If you execute a query requesting data that you are not authorized to access, you may get incomplete results because the data you do not have access to will be missing.

Note: If your authorization limits you to a specific set of data, be sure when querying the data to include conditions that let you enter your security restriction(s). For example, if you are only authorized to access data for a particular department, add the predefined condition for

Dept No
so you can enter your department number when the data provider refreshes. This will document the reason the query gets the results it does (you should always include the parameters in your headers) and will help your query run faster.

Load and Maintenance Schedule

The IRF data warehouse is normally available to Business Objects users 24/7 with a 10-minute outage window at midnight for routine Business Objects backup. 

Periodic system work and other database maintenance activities are typically scheduled to occur outside regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Specific Maintenance windows occur; every Sunday 4:00 am - 7:00 am

Data from the Payroll/Personnel System is updated after every payroll run. There are typically two biweekly payrolls and one monthly payroll every month, so IRF payroll and personnel data are updated at least three times a month.

Note: The Business Objects/IRF load schedule is available as a Google Group Calendar. Note that data is normally available at 6 a.m. the morning after an update; however, system problems or other delays in maintenance activities could result in unanticipated outages beyond the published schedule.

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