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Respondus - Migrate Exams, Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys from Chalk to Canvas

This article explains how an instructor can use Respondus to download exams, tests, quizzes, and surveys from Chalk and upload them to Canvas.

  • Respondus is a tool for creating, migrating, and publishing exams, tests, and quizzes across different Learning Management Systems, such as Chalk and Canvas. Up to 15 different question types are supported.
  • If you are unable to directly export/import exams in batch from Chalk to Canvas (e.g. your exams are too big in size), you can use Respondus to download and upload them one at a time.
  • Migrating tests, surveys, etc. from Chalk to Canvas consists of two steps: (1) use Respondus to download the tests from Chalk. (2) use Respondus to upload the downloaded tests into Canvas.
  • For instructions on how to download and install Respondus see Respondus - Installing Respondus.

Download your tests and surveys from Chalk

  1. Open Respondus.


  2. If this is your first time opening Respondus, it will ask for your Institution Name, Local Support Contact and the Installation password. This information can be found in the ReadMe-LicenseInfo.txt file located in the University of Chicago Software > Respondus Installation Program folder within UChicago Box.


  3. A prompt will tell you about the Respondus newsletter. Unless you wish to follow the newsletter, click Close.


  4. For the LMS Personality select Blackboard 7.x - 9.x and click OK.


  5. Respondus will open. Select the Retrieval & Reports tab.


  6. Click the Retrieve Questions button.


  7. You will be prompted to choose a server. If you haven't already set up a server, choose add new server.


  8. Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually and click Next.


  9. Fill in the form as prompted:
    1. For (1.) log in to Chalk with your CNetID and password. Copy and paste in the URL of the landing page from your browser.
    2. For (2.) go to one of the courses you are an instructor. Copy and paste in the URL from your browser when you are on the main page of your course.
    3. For (3.) press Extract>>.
    4. Under Description, provide a name (e.g. Chalk Server), and then enter your CNetID and password. Leave the Remember my User Name and Password box unchecked. Click OK.


  10. Under Blackboard Server select your server and then click Next. If prompted, enter your CNetID and password.


  11. Select your course and the intended quiz, enter a name for the quiz, and then click Next.

    tipTip: You can only select courses and exams for which you have instructor access.


  12. When Respondus finishes retrieving the questions, click OK.


  13. Click Finish.
    Tips icon Tip: If you have more than one test, exam, etc. that you want to migrate over to Canvas, it is probably faster to first download all of them from Chalk and then upload all of them to Canvas, instead of downloading and uploading each test in succession.


Upload your test and surveys to Canvas

  1. Click the Start tab.


  2. Change the Current Personality to Instructure Canvas.


  3. Click the Open a Respondus file button.


  4. Select your test, survey, etc. and click Open.


  5. A prompt will ask you if you wish to convert the file to the current personality. Click OK.


  6. Type a name for the file and click Save as new file.
    Tips IconTip: It helps to use a descriptive file name so that it is easy to identify later the test based on its filename and tell it apart from other tests, exams, etc.


  7. If you do not wish to edit your quiz, select the Preview & Publish tab.


  8. Click Preview the file to check the document.


  9. Close the preview and click Publish to Canvas.


  10. Click the Publish Wizard button.


  11. Select Publish to single course and then add new server.


  12. Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually and click Next.


  13. Fill in the form as prompted. For the User name and Password, enter your CNetID and password. Leave the Remember my User Name and Password box unchecked. Click OK.


  14. Select the server you have just added and click Next.


  15. When prompted, log in to Canvas with your CNetID and password.


  16. When prompted, Authorize Respondus to access your Canvas courses.


  17. Select the assessment type and any other options and click Next.


  18. Select the Canvas course into which you’d like to import the test. Then click Next.


  19. When the status changes to Publish Completed Successfully, click Finish.


  20. Go to your course on Canvas to verify that the test has successfully migrated. The test should appear under Quizzes on your Canvas course page.

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