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Canvas - FAQ (Students)

This article explains answers to some frequently asked questions about Canvas for students.

How do I log in to Canvas?

UChicago students can log in to Canvas with the CNetID and password via

How do I know if my course is in Canvas or Chalk?

During the transition period, instructors can choose to use Canvas or Chalk. Your instructors will be able to direct you to the platform they use.

How do I access my courses? I can’t find them on my dashboard.

If you are enrolled in a course via the Registrar, you should automatically be given access to a course once enrollment data is updated. Updates usually take place within 24 hours, but may vary depending on departmental approval and other factors.

If you are registered in a course and do not see it in your dashboard, there may be a few reasons:

  • It is not selected to display on your course dashboard. You can customize your course list.
  • The quarter has not begun and the course is listed as your future enrollment. You can view all your Canvas courses.
  • Your instructors have not published the course and it is not yet available to students.
  • During the Chalk-to-Canvas transition period, some of your courses may be in Chalk.
  • Confirm your browser is up to date. Outdated browsers cannot support Canvas courses.

I don’t see certain left navigation items (e.g. Assignment, Discussion, Quizzes...) in a course.

Instructors can customize the course left navigation and remove them from access.

Where are my course documents?

Your instructor may organize course material within Canvas in a number of ways. We list a few common methods below:

  1. Modules

    Modules is a tool that can unify all course content into structural components. Within a module students can click Next at the bottom of a page to advance to the next item. Module content can be grouped by week, topic, or day.

    Instructors may set up modules to require students to complete materials in a sequential fashion.Should you leave the module for any reason, you can always return to it by clicking Modules on the left navigation. Leaving the module can be prevented by opening links in a new tab (windows users, hold 'control' and click, mac users, hold 'shift' and click).

  2. Pages

    A page allows instructors to create content (text and multimedia) for a Canvas course. Instructors may link to these pages on the course Home or Syllabus page. Or, depending on the set up of your course site, you may be able to view a list of pages by clicking Pages > View All Pages (top of page)

  3. Files or Box

    If the primary purpose of the course site is to distribute course files, your instructors may enable the Files link and use folders to organize all course files. Tip: You can download multiple files. Ctrl + Click (PC) or Command + Click (Mac) to select individual files; Ctrl + Shift + Click (PC) or Shift + Click (Mac) to select a range of consecutively listed files.Alternatively, your instructor may activate Canvas-UChicago Box integration and share course files via UChicago Box. If this is the case, you will see a Box link in the course menu. The interface will guide you through the set up process.

  4. Quick Links to Assignments, Collaborations, Discussions, and Quizzes

    Canvas automatically collates links belonging the same category of course activities--Assignments, Google Doc Collaboration, Discussion boards, and Quizzes. If your instructors enable these links in the Course Menu, you can quickly navigate to a particular item using these links.

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