Qualtrics - Cloud-based Survey Platform

This article explains the University's access to Qualtrics, a cloud-based survey platform. It also briefly explains how that access is regulated, links to online documentation for Qualtrics, and provides contact information for further information.

The University of Chicago currently operates a site-wide license to Qualtrics, whereby access is essentially granted to anyone with a current CNetID. From a technical point of view, the system is accessed via Single-Sign-On. From an administrative point of view, users who wish to actively deploy surveys via the system need to seek approval and submit an online user agreement form, as explained further below.

Accessing Qualtrics

University users can log into Qualtrics at the following address:
When a user logs in for the first time, this creates a basic account. With basic settings, the user can create survey instruments, share them with other users, and test them. However the surveys cannot be activated and distributed online until the account is upgraded for that purpose.

In order for the account to be upgraded users should send a request to that effect to the following address:
Requests will generally be granted as long as one of the following conditions is met:
  • The user has Principal Investigator status at the University
  • The user is carrying out research work for, or under the supervision of, a Principal Investigator
  • The user is carrying out some administrative function for a University office
  • The user is a student using the platform for a supervised course activity (e.g. learning survey design)
If the user does not have PI status, the request should either come from or include contact information for whoever will be responsible for overseeing use of the system. In research settings this will usually be the PI for the project; in non-research settings this can be a University faculty member or administrator. As part of the approval process, users will be asked to fill out an online agreement form detailing their planned use of the service.

Use of the service is currently free to the end-user.

Online Documentation

The Qualtrics platform is extensively documented at:
Other institutions have created their own support pages for Qualtrics, which will frequently show up in search results on topics related to the service. Users should note that service functionality can vary across institutions, and so this third-party documentation may not be applicable.

Additional Information

For more information about the Qualtrics service, please contact:

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