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Web Conferencing - Use Cases

This article features examples of why WebEx is a collaboration solution recommended by IT Services.

WebEx Meeting Center

If you are a faculty, staff or student who wants to connect with a group of people but cannot meet face-to-face, WebEx Meeting Center is a solution for you. With a WebEx Meeting center account you will never have to miss a meeting because of location issues again. Join a meeting from anywhere any time. Whether you are:

  • In traffic
  • On vacation
  • At home
  • On the train
  • In the office

Meet John (One Click Audio)

John has a meeting at 9:00a.m. but it is 8:50 a.m. and he’s still stuck in traffic. With one click using the WebEx app on his mobile device John can instantly join his meeting. No need to dial-in because once he clicks Join he is also connected to audio. With a scheduled meeting there is no need to open up WebEx; simply dial the number and access code provided in the invite to be connected to your meeting.

Meet Mary (Personal Meeting Room)

Mary is attending a medical conference in Maine. She is very excited about her experience and doesn’t want to wait until she gets back to the office to share it with her colleagues. Mary can invite her colleagues to a quick meeting in her personal WebEx meeting room. She can open her meeting room in one click and send meeting invites directly from there. Within the meeting she can share documents and video.

Meet Katie (Share Content)

Katie is a student who is a part of a group project. The group is having a difficult time choosing a location suitable for everyone to meet each week. With WebEx Meeting Center every group member can meet in the comfort of a local coffee shop. Katie can schedule a WebEx reoccurring meeting each week. She will have the ability to share her research with her group members and they can annotate their documents and make changes all within one screen.

WebEx Event Center

WebEx Event Center is a great solution if you would like to connect with large audiences. With Event Center you will be able to:

  • conduct efficient Q&A sessions.
  • Stream content and video in real time.
  • Audience controls including chat and audio control.
  • Manage any large event from participant registration to post-event-follow-up.
  • Participants will be able to join from any remote location.
  • Connect the meeting to any Telepresence or video conference endpoint client.

Meet Tom (Video/Content sharing integration)

Tom is the President of his organization. His group has been working many months implementing exciting new changes. Tom wants to share this information with 3000 members of the organization. By using WebEx Event Center, Tom can connect with shareholders and employees alike in different locations. He can stream live HD video while sharing easy to read documents with his participants.

Meet Jim (Host controls)

Jim wants to ensure Tom hosts a successful meeting. Tom has the ability to assign Jim as an alternate host. As the alternate host, Jim can control the participants while Tom conducts the meeting. Say for instance Louis joins the meeting and forgets to mute his audio. As the host, Jim can mute all participants before the meeting begins to ensure a seamless presentation. If at the end of Tom’s presentation he wants to call for a Q&A session, Jim can simply open the Q&A panel, participants can ask questions and Jim can respond to them within the same screen.

WebEx Training Center

WebEx Training Center is the ultimate solution for a virtual classroom on the go. Use Training Center to:

  • Administer Tests
  • Conduct breakout sessions
  • Group Poll
  • Q&A Session
  • Live interactive Training
  • Interactive learning modules
  • Assess attentiveness
  • Record training session for future use

Meet Professor Kline (Teaching Tools)

Professor Kline wants to connect her students face-to-face without the hassle of searching for the right location. With WebEx training center Professor Kline can teach her course virtually. Students can connect to each other whether traveling internationally or right next door. Professor Kline can host lecture sessions and when it’s time for midterms she can upload her test right to the WebEx platform. Students can take it at their pace or timed. She can assign groups to their own meeting room for breakout sessions then bring the class back together as one.

Meet Joe (On Demand Training Sessions)

Joe wants to introduce a new procedure to 700 multi-shift employees. With WebEx Training Center, Joe doesn’t have to train each employee individually. Joe has the ability to record a training a session with demonstrations, guides and necessary training materials. His employees will be able to learn at their own pace with a pre-recorded session available for playback at anytime. Joe will save time and money by choosing WebEx training center.

WebEx Collaborative Meeting Room (CMR)

Connect multiple groups of people using WebEx CMR. WebEx Meeting Center works with CMR to allow you to connect your WebEx meeting to any Telepresence or any supported video end-point device. With CMR you will be able to connect and share content with groups of people in conference rooms as well as participants from remote locations.

Meet Ann (Telepresence Collaboration)

Ann holds staff meetings once a week with her employees but she is currently attending a month long work conference in Hong Kong. With CMR Ann can connect with her employees remotely. Once Ann schedules a WebEx meeting her employees will be able to go into any conference room with a video end-point system to join the conference. Ann will be able to connect face-to-face with her employees to share updates.

Meet Ryan (Off-site connection)

Ryan is one of Ann’s employees. Ryan is at home sick the day of the staff meeting but he doesn’t want to miss it. Ryan can simply join the WebEx meeting from home through the web, mobile or tablet device or just connect audio using the number provided in the invite. Once he joins he will be connected to Ann in Hong Kong and his colleagues in the conference room.

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