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2Factor Authentication (2FA) - Lost/Broken/Replacement Device Procedure

This article describes the actions one should take if her or his phone cannot be used, or if one gets a new device.

If you lose your 2FA-enabled device, suspect that it has been stolen, or if your device no longer works, you should contact the IT Services Service Desk immediately. The Service Desk will help you disable that device and access your account using another device or a bypass code. It is important to remember that while you should still contact IT Services immediately, your account will still be protected by your password in the interim.

If you are replacing your old device with a new one, for example if you are upgrading your old phone to a new device, you may need to take action to make sure that your new device is 2FA-enabled.

If you are replacing your old device with a new one that uses the same operating system, e.g. replacing an old iPhone with a new iPhone or an old Android with a new Android, and keeps the same phone number, you may need to re-activate your phone. Go to the 2FA website. Navigate to Manage Devices. Click the Re-activate button displayed next to your device’s listing.

Follow the instructions when prompted. It will be helpful to make sure that the Duo Mobile application has already been downloaded on to your device before starting the re-activation process.

If, however, you are replacing your old device with a new one that uses either a different operating system (for example switching from Android to iOS or vice-versa) or if you are changing your phone number, a different procedure is necessary. In this case, you must first remove your old device’s data from the 2FA website. To do this, first go to the 2FA website. Navigate to Manage Devices. Next to your old device, select the Remove button.

The device should disappear from the list. To add your new device, follow the instructions you would use to add any new device to 2FA. For detailed instructions on adding a device, see Enrolling a Smartphone.

If you would like to add a landline or a tablet rather than a smartphone, the process is slightly different; see Enrolling a Landline or Registering a Tablet.

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