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UChicago Sites - Configuration - Enabling and Adding Hero Features

This article explains how to enable "hero" features on your site's homepage.

By default, your site comes enabled with homepage features which display above the center and right columns on your site's homepage. You also have the option of enabling "hero" features, which include an image that spans the full width of your site's content area:

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to enable and create hero features, you should unpublish all of your regular features. Displaying both hero features and regular features at the same time is not recommended.

To enable hero features:

  1. Click Configuration in the toolbar.
  2. Click Site Settings and Features. In the section labeled "Features," check the Hero features option.
  3. Click Save settings at the bottom of the screen.

Create a New Hero Feature

To create a new hero feature:

  1. In your toolbar, go to Add content > Hero feature.
  2. Enter your content on the form:
    1. Title is the text in the colored box.
    2. Feature blurb is the short, explanatory text in the white box.
    3. Feature link appears at the bottom of the feature blurb and links to another webpage.
    4. Feature images must be at least must be at least 2000 pixels wide and 456 pixels high. Images larger than 2000 x 456 pixels will be automatically cropped and resized to fit in the feature area. You can not upload images smaller than 2000 x 456.
    5. Enter alternate text and a title for the image.
    6. Image focus sets a focal point for the image. On certain devices at certain sizes, only a portion of the full image is displayed. This field determines which side of the image receives the focus when only part of the image is visible. For this reason, it is best to use short, wide images which have a focal point on either the left or right side of the image, but not in the center.
  3. Click Save as Draft to preview or Publish to publish the feature directly.
  4. If you create and publish more than one hero feature, you will see a slideshow of all your hero features, with the newest one displayed first.
  5. A maximum of 5 hero features can be shown in the homepage slideshow. These 5 features will be drawn from the most recently uploaded hero feature images.

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