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This article explains the basic functions of UChicagoBox, with particular attention paid to treatment of files containing sensitive information.

January 2016 - Box Improvements to Web User Interface

To get started, go to and log in with your email and password – after you do, you’ll land on your All Files and Folders page.

Create a Folder

  1. Click the New button and select New Folder
    New Folder Button on UChicago Box

  2. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the folder name. Prefer a private folder? Select Keep private for now. To create a folder where you’ll collaborate with others, pick Invite people to upload or download files:
    Create New Folder Screen on UChicago Box

  3. To create sub-level folders, just click the top-level folder to open it, and repeat the steps above.

    Types of Folders

    When creating folders in Box, it is useful to note that there are three folder types. Yellow (or manilla) folders are private, and are viewable only by you. Blue folders are collaborative folders that are shared with others. Grey folders belong to an individual outside of UChicago.

    The color of a folder will change depending on the access rights you've granted. For instance, once you invite collaborators to a folder, you’ll notice that the folder changes from manila to blue.
    Folder Types on UChicago Box

    Securing Confidential or Sensitive Files

    While UChicagoBox is approved for FERPA data, precautions must be taken with files that contain this kind of information, especially if you choose to utilize the Box Sync app.

    • Once downloaded, Box Sync will continuously sync online versions of documents with those saved to your laptop.
    • If your laptop is ever stolen, confidential or sensitive information synced to your laptop could be accessed.

    If you are storing sensitive or confidential information in a folder, it is in your best interest to disable the Sync function for this particular folder. This way, if your laptop is ever stolen or otherwise compromised, the perpetrator will not be able to access your confidential data. You are only able to access it online, after logging in with your CNetID and password.

    Synced folders show a small, blue sync symbol at the lower left corner of the folder icon.
    Synced Folder Icon on UChicago Box

    To unsync a folder, click on the drop-down menu icon to the right of the folder. Open the fly-out menu next to "Synced" and click Unsync.
    Unsync Option on Uchicago Box

    It is also recommended that you tag sensitive documents as "sensitive," especially when you are collaborating on them with fellow colleagues. Tagging files or folders "sensitive" will help your collaborators understand the nature of their contents. Tags can be created at either the file or folder level.

    To create a tag, right-click on the file and choose Add Tags. From the pop-up window, you can add tags to a file by either creating new tags or choosing from tags already created in your account. To create multiple tags, simply separate terms with a comma.

    Add Tag Button on UChicago Box

    Uploading Files to Your Folder

    There are several ways to get your files up to Box:

    • Standard Upload Files
    • Upload Folders
    • Drag and Drop
    • Email Files to Folder

    For individual documents, use the standard upload by clicking Upload at the top of the folder page, then Upload Files.
    Upload Files and Folders Button on UChicago Box

    Invite Collaborators to Your Content

    Collaboration in Box works at the folder level: You’ll invite contacts to join one or more of your folders as collaborators, with the appropriate permission level. Collaborators can only access content in folders they have been invited to.

    To start, just open your folder and click the Invite People button on the right side of page:
    Invite Collaborators Screen on UChicago Box

    Enter your collaborators’ email addresses and the access levels, then click Invite. You will see their name appear listed under Collaborators on the right hand side.

    Permissions for Collaborators

    When you invite an individual to be a Collaborator, you will be required to assign them a permission level.

    Permission levels include:

    • Co-owner
    • Editor
    • Viewer Uploader
    • Preview Uploader
    • Viewer
    • Previewer
    • Uploader
    List of Permissions for Collborators on UChicago Box

    The ability of a collaborator to view, preview, modify, or upload a new version will depend upon the level of permission you give them. The chart below shows the various abilities each permission level grants.
    Access Levels for Collaborators on UChicago Box

    NOTE: Sync is not available for Shared Folders with Collaborators who have a permission level lower than "Editor." Consider sharing links with these individuals instead, as sharing links remain the same when new file versions are uploaded.

    Sending Shared Links

    To share content with someone who does not have a Box account or only needs view files or folders, you can send them a Shared Link.

    1. To the right of the file or folder, select the Share button.
    2. In the new section, you’ll see a secure link to the file that lets the recipient view and download it
    3. Next to the link, you will see a gear wheel icon where you can choose advanced settings and restrictions.
    4. Either copy the link or send an email notification directly by clicking on the gear icon > email.
    Share Link Button on UChicago Box
    Share Link Screen on UChicago Box

    Using Comments and Tasks

    Now that you have invited collaborators, you can work together on your content through comments and tasks.

    • Example: Instead of sending your coworker an email asking for feedback on a file, create a task for them to organize and track your project in Box.
    • Click the talk bubble next to the file > select Assign Task and @mention your collaborator.
      • Include what you need taken care of, and assign it to your collaborator. You can even set a due date or add comments if necessary. Don’t forget to click Add.
      Assign Task Button on UChicago Box
    • Use the Comments feature to keep conversations about the file tidied up next to that content and out of email.
      • To add a comment that will be visible to your collaborators, click the talk bubble and select Comment and click Add
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