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Business Objects - IRF - Workday Payroll Reporting FAQ

This article provides information about using the new Workday HR and Payroll data in IRF Business Objects reporting.

These are some commonly asked questions about using the new Workday HR and Payroll data in IRF Business Objects reporting.

Click to open Workday Payroll Reporting FAQ as a PDF.

What is IRF-Payroll?

IRF-Payroll is a reporting application that currently provides 600 financial and grant administrators, as well as HR professionals across campus, with authorized access to payroll data for their units.

IRF-Payroll focuses on reporting and data in support of payroll reconciliation for monthly and bi-weekly employees, budget to actual review, tracking and analysis of grant funding, and related exception reporting. IRF-Payroll users access data and reports through a Business Objects application.

IRF-Payroll is one of a suite of Business Objects reporting applications including IRF-Financial and IRF-HR.

Will IRF-Payroll be available when Workday goes live?

IRF-Payroll will be updated with Workday data on Monday, January 12, 2015. The application (including standard/canned reports and Business Objects Universe) will be available to current authorized users within a few days following processing of the first bi-weekly payroll in Workday.

What reports will be available?

The standard (canned) IRF-Payroll reports will be available and will reflect Workday data starting in January 2015. See the Appendix for a full listing of RF-Payroll standard reports and disposition.

Ad-hoc reports, custom queries, and user-developed reports should be functional with some changes required to update query filters and formatting for data elements that may have changed as a result of implementing Workday.

IRF Support Team will be available to assist users in making needed modifications to custom queries and ad-hoc reports post go-live.

How soon will IRF-Payroll be available after Workday go-live?

The first bi-weekly payroll will process on January 6 and IRF-Payroll will reflect this data starting Monday, January 12.

Before and after that date, you will still be able to access and run payroll reports for historical pay periods through 2014.

How often will IRF-Payroll be updated?

The refresh frequency will remain the same. Data will be extracted from Workday as part of each bi-weekly and monthly and special payroll run. Within one day following payroll generation from Workday, this data will be loaded to IRF-Payroll and be available for reporting through Business Objects. Please refer to the IRF Loads Calendar.

Has data changed?

Examples of data elements used in IRF-Payroll reporting that reflect some changes in Workday include:

  • Job Number

  • Job Codes

  • Earn Type Codes

  • Earn Calc Codes

  • Benefit Level Codes

  • RegTempCasual Codes

These and other data elements have been documented and available in "Workday Data Changes and IRF Reporting Impacts", available by navigating to the IRF Website

Will reports still work?

A few of the standard reports needed updates to reflect changes in data elements from Workday. BIS has made these changes.

Using the documentation noted above, and with support from IRF Support Team, we are available to assist with changes that might be required to update your current IRF-Payroll custom reports and queries.

Will historical payroll data still be available?

Yes. All historical payroll data housed in IRF, back to July 1998, will continue to be available and has not changed.

How will reporting work that includes data pre and post-Workday in the same report?

You can run all IRF-Payroll standard (canned) reports to include fiscal periods before and after Workday go-live. The reports will show all the data, with some revisions based on several data changes identified above.

What will happen to IRF-HR reporting?

IRF-HR is a Business Objects application that focuses on HR person data, salary funding, and job appointment data from the previous HRMS. This system is currently available to about 150 authorized campus HR administrators.

Data about people will now be accessed directly through Workday, with many standard reports available to administrators with roles in the system. As a result, the IRF-HR application has been frozen with data from December 22, 2014. Authorized users will continue to be able to access this snapshot. IRF-HR will not be updated going forward with data from Workday.

If I have existing custom reports using IRF HR, can someone assist us in creating those reports in Workday?

The Workday team is currently developing HR related reports out of the Workday system and will be able to assist you post go-live.

Is there any impact on financial reporting using IRF?

The IRF-Financial application includes many standard reports that more than 800 campus users access to reconcile financial (FAS) accounts, conduct budget to actual reporting and post-award grants administration. The FR and TT Business Objects Universes will continue to function as they do currently. Historical reporting since 1989 (Yearly) and July, 1998 (Monthly) will continue to be available. IRF-Financial will continue to be loaded from the University’s financial system (FAS) on a weekly basis, including month-end close.

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