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Workday - Payroll FAQ

This article explains answers to a set of frequently asked questions for the ITS Service Desk as relates to Payroll in Workday.

# Question Answer
1 How do I change my state allowances? Download paper IL State W4:
Submit paper W4 form to Payroll, 6054 S Drexel, 3rd Floor, Chicago IL 60637
You can view and confirm tax elections by clicking Pay > Tax Elections in Workday
2 How do I complete my Federal W4? Click Pay > Withholding Elections
At the bottom of the screen, Click the Complete Federal Withholding Elections for University of Chicago button.
On the next screen, choose the date when you want the new tax election to take effect, and click OK.
Complete the electronic W4 form that appears onscreen.
Check the I Agree box.
Click OK.
3 How do I add or update my contact information, phone numbers, email addresses? Click Personal Information > Contact > Edit.
To update your primary address and phone number information, click the edit icon workdayediticon (looks like a piece of paper with a pencil). Enter the effective date for when the change should take place, update the information and click Done.

If adding additional information, click the + icon, enter the effective date for when the change should take place, enter the new information, then click Done.
4 How do I view my pay advices? All pay advices that will be paid in 2015 can be viewed in Workday.
To view this information:
Click Pay > Payslips
Click the pay period of the payment you wish to view.

For payments before 2015, individuals will need to visit the Employee Self Service site at
Click Paycheck > View Pay Stub Detail
Choose the pay advice you wish to view by selecting the date in the Pay Date - Chk/Adv No. drop-down field.

For terminated employees or for payments greater than 2 years old, individuals will have to contact the Payroll listhost at
5 How long will it take for my payments to be issued as a Direct Deposit? It can take up to two pay cycles for direct deposit information to be verified. Checks will be issued while this information is being verified. To find out where you pick up your checks see #29 in this FAQ.
6 How do I access my W2 information? W2 information for tax years from 2007 - 2014 can be found at the Employee Self-Service Site:

Click Paycheck > View W-2 Form.
Select the tax year to view by choosing the year in the W-2 Form For Tax Year drop-down field.

Former employees who need a copy of their 2014 (or prior year) W2 can email
7 When can I view my pay check information? This information can be viewed the day after a Payroll closing, usually the Wednesday after a closing for bi-weekly employees, or the Monday after a closing for monthly employees

The payroll closing schedule can be found here: Payroll Calendar
8 What do the deductions I see on my Payslip mean? See the list of deductions: Payroll Deduction Listing
9 How do I update my payment elections? Click Pay > Payment Elections

To change account information, click Change Account in the Account section.
To add a primary or additional account, click Add Account.
If changing how your pay is distributed between accounts, click Change Election in the Payment Election section.

There are two default pay types in the Payment Elections section: Regular and Expense Reimbursement.
Regular is for all regular payroll payments. Any regular payroll payments will be paid to the accounts selected under this payment election.
Expense Reimbursement is used only for reimbursements issued through the payroll system.

To change what accounts are used for the specific pay types, click the Change Election button next to the Pay type (Regular or Reimbursement) that you wish to update.

If no payment elections are already entered, you may need to click the + icon to add an account payment election. You will need to do this if adding an additional account under the Payment Election as well.

The selections that will be received after adding a Payment election line will be:
Country, type the country from the account originates (United States)
Currency, which will be USD
Payment Type (Direct Deposit or Check)
Account - select the account that was added in the previous step

Then you will have three options in the next sections:
Balance / Amount / Percent

Choose Balance if the remaining balance should be sent to this account.
Choose Amount to specify a specific amount to be paid to the account
Choose Percent to specify a percentage to be paid to the account.

Example: You receive a net payment of 1000.
You want your regular pay distributed between three accounts.
You want 200 to be paid to account 3
You want 10% paid to account 2
And you want the remaining balance paid to the primary account

This means that you will need three sections under the Regular pay type Payment election
The first line, you can choose Amount, then enter 200
The second line, you choose Percent, and then enter 10
And the third line, you can choose Balance. You do not need to enter an amount here.

Your pay will be issued as so:
200 will be paid to account 3
100 will be paid to account 2 because 10% of 1000 is 100
And 700 will be paid to the primary account because the balance of 300 – 1000 is 700
10 Where can I find Bi-Weekly Adjustment form? The Bi-weekly Adjustment form can be found at the following link:
Bi-Weekly Adjustment Form
11 Can the Bi-Weekly Adjustment forms be scanned? Yes. The form can be emailed to the Biweekly Payroll Coordinator at
12 Where do I send employment verifications? Employment verification requests should go to the Employment Verification email address at Phone: 773-702-1201. Fax: 773-834-1451
13 I have a question about Work Study (hours, pay distribution, etc.). Questions about work study should be directed to
14 What are the Payroll Closing Dates? View the payroll calendar with biweekly and monthly closing dates. Please note that payroll does not have published deadlines. All transactions that are fully approved by noon on the closing date will be processed
15 Where can I get the payroll calendar? The payroll calendar can be found on the Financial Services website (
16 How do I change my password in Workday? Your Workday password is your CNetID password. Please go to the CNetID website if you need to change your password.
17 Will an employee be paid for unapproved time in UChicago Time? Yes. It is not a requirement for time to be approved for it to pay.
18 I have questions about my garnishment (IRS, child support, wage garnishment) Contact Frances Schwick in the Bursar’s Office at or 2-7078
19 I don’t know if I am getting a paper check or direct deposit. In Workday, go to the landing page. Click Pay > Payslips > View. At the bottom of the pay slip, you will see your direct deposit or Check information.
20 Can I claim Exempt on a federal W4 form in Workday? Yes. Claiming exempt on the federal W4 form is allowable in Workday.
21 Can I still submit a paper direct deposit form? No. To set up direct deposit in Workday, click Pay > Payment Elections > Add Account. Complete the banking information and click OK. Make sure all allocations add up to 100%.
22 Can I submit a paper Federal W4 form? No. This should be completed directly in Workday. In Workday, click Pay > Withholding Elections. Indicate the effective date. Enter the withholding information and click OK.
23 I cannot log in to UChicago Time (Time and Attendance) Contact UChicago Support at
24 Can I still submit a paper time card? Yes. Please send paper time cards to Payroll Services at 6054 S. Drexel Ave – 3rd Floor.
25 Can Student Casual forms be submitted? No. Former Student Casual payments should be submitted as Period Activity Pay or One-Time payments in Workday.
26 Can I still submit a Biweekly Additional Payment form or a Monthly Extra Service Form? No. These payments should be submitted as Period Activity Pay or One-Time payments in Workday.
27 When (What time) will Payroll close? Generally, Payroll will close at noon on the Tuesday before Friday payday for Biweekly employees and at noon on the Thursday one week prior to payday for Monthly.
28 Why is my marital status shown incorrectly? For pay purposes, the marital status that is listed in the personal information has no bearing on federal and state withholding. Please ensure that your allowances are correct under Pay > Withholding Elections.
29 If my pay comes through as a check, where can I get it? Checks are distributed through the Bursar’s Office to the departments. Check in with your HR partner in your department to arrange for check pickup or delivery.

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