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UChicago Sites - Configuration - Switching Between Left Navigation and Top Navigation

This article explains how to switch between displaying your navigation at the top of your page or on the left side of your page for UChicago Sites.

You can choose to have your site's navigation displayed along the top of the page under the masthead, or along the left side of the page. You may want to choose top navigation if:

  • You do not have a large number of top-level navigation links (five to seven at most)
  • You have a large number of interior pages going deeper than 3 levels

When you select top navigation, only the first level of navigation will be displayed at the top of the page. Any sub-navigation will be displayed in the left column in a given section.

You may want to choose left navigation if:

  • You have a large number of top-level navigation links (more than seven)
  • Your interior pages do not go more than 3 levels deep

Please note that if you choose to display top navigation and you have a large number of top-level links (more than seven, depending on the length of your link titles), your top navigation may wrap to multiple lines, making for an awkward user experience. Do not choose the top navigation option unless you can limit your top-level links to five to seven items.

Enabling Top or Left Navigation

When you choose to enable top navigation, your top-level links will display under the masthead. Upon clicking on a top-level link, any subpages of that top-level link will be displayed in the left column.

  1. Click Configuration in the toolbar.
  2. Click Site Settings and Features. In the section labeled "Plaisance Theme Settings", find the navigation display drop-down and select either "Top" or "Left."

  3. Click Save settings at the bottom of the screen.

Enabling Drop-downs in Top Navigation

When using top navigation, you have the option of showing drop-downs when hovering over a link with subpages. To enable drop-downs for a given link:

  1. Click Edit left navigation in your toolbar, or go to Structure > Menus > Main menu (list links).
  2. Click to Edit the top level link for which you want to enable drop-downs:

  3. Check the box that says Show as expanded and then click Save at the bottom of the screen:

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