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Directory Reviewer - Claiming in Bulk (Video Demo)

This article includes a video that explains how a Directory Reviewer can claim multiple people within an organization in bulk.

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Video Transcript

The Directory Office is constantly striving to make improvements for both the Directory Site and the Reviewer Update System. One of these additions is the ability for a reviewer to claim all of their reviewees within an organization in bulk.

You must first log in to using your CNetID and password.

Previously, when you wished to claim multiple people within a department, you would have been forced to select them all individually and choose Claim Reviewee on their contact page. This could obviously be very time consuming if there were a large number of people within an organization.

Now, when you go to the ‘people’ expandable list in the desired department, you will find check boxes next to the names of the people listed within the organization.You can select as many people as you wish to claim by clicking on the check boxes. If you wish to claim everyone in the organization simultaneously, simply click the Add All button.

When you are no longer the organization’s reviewer, you should select the Remove All button which will concurrently remove all people in the department from your list of reviewees.

Please note that there are no buttons at the bottom of the page to make the change occur. Once you click the checkbox, the addition is instantaneous.

You can see your new additions by clicking on View my Reviewees on the left of your screen. If your new reviewees are not listed there, you should contact the Directory Office.

For this feature to work in the appropriate manner, you must have first added the correct departmental and sub departmental information to the reviewee when adding their contact entry.If this information is not included, the person in question will not appear in the department’s people listing at all, and you will instead have to look them up individually to find them in the directory.

Please contact us at with any questions about this feature. Also, if you experience any technical difficulties with this video or would like to make an accessibility related request, please send us a message. 

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