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WhoAmI Overview

This article provides a brief overview of the WhoAmI application.

What does WHOAMI do?

The WhoAmI application ( provides a quick way to look up an account for a broad set of current users, such as students, faculty, and staff. The WHOAMI application displays identity information. The role of the person who logs in determines the features that can be viewed/used. Students may only view their own record. Full-time benefits-eligible staff may also lookup other people and view details about their identities based on a search by name, CNetID or ChicagoID.

Who is on file?

The lookup includes anyone who has ever had a ChicagoID; that includes current and former:

  • Students and Alumni
  • University Staff
  • Temporary Account holders (t-9)
  • Campus Card holders
  • Prefeed accounts (who have not yet begun employment)
  • Affiliates (who have been uploaded to the system)
  • Miscellaneous others

What displays on the Individual Lookup?

The Individual Lookup will display these fields (only the fields that have values):

  • Name fields – first, middle, last
  • ChicagoID
  • CNetID
  • Student ID
  • UCHADID (official account)
  • Other UCHADID(s)
  • Hospital Employee ID
  • Affiliations
  • Department
  • Department ID
  • Past ChicagoIDs
  • StarRez ID

How may I use it to search?

For those with full-time, benefits-eligible status, a search is available by these fields:

  • CNetID
  • Name fields – first, middle, last
  • ChicagoID
  • Email Alias (exact address, not with wildcard)

Silver Assurance

University staff, faculty, students may require Silver Assurance in order to access various secured websites. The WHOAMI application provides an easily accessible means to view a person’s Silver Assurance status. If a person is Silver certified, then the Silver Assurance icon displays by their name on the individual lookup page.Silver Assurance

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