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SharePoint 2010 - Enable and Configure Email Settings for an Announcement List

This article explains how to configure a SharePoint announcement list to receive email.

Note: You must be a site owner to perform the actions in this article.

You can perform this procedure to receive email messages in the SharePoint announcement list. New list items are created for each incoming email message. Email messages are saved only when that option is selected in the list's e-mail settings.

Enable and configure email settings for an announcement list

  1. Browse to the announcement list you wish to configure to receive email.
  2. Select List Settings from the List Tools Ribbon.
  3. In the Communications section, click Incoming e-mail settings.
  4. In the Incoming Email section, select Yes to allow the list to receive email and type in a unique address in the E-mail address box.
  5. In the E-Mail Attachments section, choose whether you want this list to archive email attachments. If you select No, email attachments will be discarded.
  6. In the E-Mail Message section, choose whether to save the original email message in this library. If you select Yes, the original message is saved as an attachment.
  7. In the E-Mail Meeting Invitations section, choose whether to archive meeting invitations in this list that were sent as email messages. If you select Yes, your meeting invitations are archived to the announcements list. Note: Because email handlers are not aware of other lists to which you send email messages, you can send a meeting invitation to the email address of the calendar and the announcements list. This way, the meeting request appears in both the calendar and the announcements list.
  8. In the E-Mail Security section, choose whether to archive email messages only from members of the site who can write to the library or to archive regardless of who sends the email message.
    Important: Archiving email messages from all senders lets everyone write to your library, including unauthenticated users. Because of the potential security risk, you should consider this option carefully before you configure it.
  9. Click OK to save the changes.

Update the list's description with the new email address.

This step is optional, but is highly recommended so that members of your site can easily find the email address of the list.

  1. In the General Settings section on the List Settings page, click Title, description and navigation.
  2. Enter the email address of the list in the Description box.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.
    The email address will now appear below the title of the list in the banner near the top of the page

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