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Directory Reviewer Overview (Video Demo)

This article has a video that explains what it means to be a directory reviewer.

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Directory Reviewer Overview Video [4:07]


A Directory Reviewer's primary responsibility is the maintenance of accurate information for their organization's identity and for the individuals within that organization in the University's online directory. This role is an important one– up to date contact information is vital for the University's community members.

Directory reviewers are responsible for making changes to the online directory’s listings. These updates can be completed using the Directory Reviewer Site, a site designed specifically for Directory reviewers (located at:, and these changes are immediately reflected live in the online Directory. Using the Reviewer Site, changes can be made to not only individual contact listings, but also to division, departmental, and sub-departmental listings. Only those who have completed the online training course can access the Reviewer Site.

One of the main responsibilities of a reviewer is to “claim” both the departments and individuals they are in charge of maintaining. This is important because it helps the Directory Office know who is being actively updated (those who have been “claimed”) versus those who do not have a reviewer (those who remain “unclaimed”). This action also helps the reviewer – once an individual or department has been claimed, they can be easily accessed in one place on the reviewer's site. A reviewer should claim all the individuals—even individuals who, in the past, would not appear in the printed directory—in their department as reviewees.

Many departments have multiple directory reviewers to ensure listings are as accurate as possible. These reviewers are expected to share updating responsibilities, and each reviewer should claim each individual and department – the more overlap, the better the information!

For information on the Directory Reviewer Online Training Course, please contact the Directory Office at

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