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Directory Self-Edit (Video Demo)

This article contains a video that explains how to use the Directory's self-edit function.

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playicon16 Self-Edit [3:24]

Video Transcript

One of the functions that the Directory Office is pleased to include as a part of the Online Directory is Self Edit. This allows University staff and faculty to update their own contact information in the directory without relying on a reviewer to do so for them.

To make these changes, you must first log in to the directory (located at using a valid CNetID and password. You can now click on the Welcome button at the top of your screen to easily access your own information. You can also type in your own name in the People Search to view your directory entry.

On this page, you can edit your entry's information. Your display name is the name that is displayed in the directory as well as in xMail. If you choose to change your display name, people can still search on either your official name or on your new display name. To change your official name, you must contact your HR department. You can also set the visibility of your ID card photo on your directory listing – the options are: the general public, staff & faculty, and nobody. If you have an administrative assistant, you can enter his or her CNetID in the box provided.

Below this information are your contact boxes. Use these to display your contact information. Up to four boxes are allowed at one time. To get started, simply click the Edit button. There are four contact types: Office, Home, Lab, and Miscellaneous. You can also add in a contact description to better explain the contact entry's information. Please note that the fields that are necessary for each of the contact types are marked with red asterisks. All you have to do is fill out the form and click Save. You can change the order these contacts are displayed in by selecting a number from the Display Order drop-down on the right hand side.

Finally, it is important to note that your information will be public to anyone who accesses the online directory unless you check the box labeled Hide this information from non-UChicago viewers. Doing so will prevent anyone except logged in users from accessing your contact information.

After you have made changes to your information, your directory reviewer, whose name is listed under Additional Edits, will receive an email about the modifications that you have made. If you encounter any problems changing your information, you can always contact your reviewer or the Directory Office at

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