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Directory Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities

This article explains the role a Directory Reviewer is expected to fulfill within the University community and the responsibilities that this role entails.

The Directory Reviewers perform a critical role for University constituents and the members of the University community. Their primary role and responsibility is to maintain accurate Directory information for their organization's identity and for the individuals within that organization.

All reviewers should claim all the individuals in their department as reviewees. The Directory now displays all eligible individuals. Departments, sub-departments, and individual reviewees can all have multiple reviewers. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that departments have more than one reviewer in the event of extenuating circumstances (more below).

Directory Reviewers are responsible for making changes to the online Directory: Updates can be made from on- and off-campus. Reviewers must have an active CNetID or UCHADID in order to log in to the Directory Reviewer website (also known as the Directory Update System), where they can update divisional, departmental, sub-departmental, and individual information:

Most departments have multiple Directory Reviewers. Each department's Directory Reviewers share the updating responsibilities for both the departmental/sub-departmental information and the individual information (outlined below).

If a department requires additional Directory Reviewers, please contact the Directory Office at The Directory Office will help the new Reviewer sign up for the online training and will enable access to the Directory Reviewer website once training is complete.

Assigning A Directory Reviewer

Generally, individuals in some sort of support or administrative role would be best suited to perform Directory Reviewer responsibilities, with roles varying depending on the organizations or individuals being supported. Roles that are often Directory Reviewers include:

  • HRAs
  • Executive assistants (VIPs)
  • Administrative assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Office managers, operations managers, and other administrators
  • Asst./assoc. directors, directors (elective)

Once you designate Directory Reviewers for your department, each Reviewer must take the Directory Reviewer Training Course, which is offered online. (Send email to to enroll in the course offered via Chalk: ) Reviewers are given access to update the online Directory approximately 24-48 hours after they complete the course.

What A Directory Reviewer Updates

1. Directory Reviewers update the main contact information for their department. Contact information includes:

  • Department/sub-department name
  • Main department mailing address and/or faculty exchange
  • Main department email, phone, and fax
  • Department URL(s)
  • Social media links (Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, blogs, etc.)
  • Department and sub-department information as applicable

2. Directory reviewers also update contact information for individuals in their department. Individual contact information includes:

  • Display name
  • Title(s)
  • Division, department, and sub-department information as applicable
  • Mailing address and/or faculty exchange
  • University email
  • Phone, fax, mobile, and pager numbers as applicable

Directory Reviewers can also make an individual's Directory information public or private, at the discretion of that reviewee. Public information is available to anyone that visits the Directory website. Private information is only available to logged-in users. more information on privacy as it relates to the online Directory may be found here.

What Directory Reviewer Duties Entail

As mentioned above, a Directory Reviewer's primary duties entail carrying out Directory contact information changes for individuals and organizations in a timely manner on the Directory Reviewer website,, designed specifically for Directory updates, which are immediately reflected in the online Directory. Of importance in allowing you to carry out such duties are the following:

  1. Being aware of when new employees come on board, so that you may update Directory entries for them as soon as they are entered through the employee pre-feed
  2. Being accessible to your reviewees
  3. Being aware of when individuals or organizations’ information changes so that you may modify it in a timely manner, and in the event of departure from the University, remove an individual's Directory entry, also in a timely manner.

Example: A reviewee contacts you requesting that his contact information be changed, as it is incorrect. You log on to the Directory Reviewer website,, with your CNetID or UCHADID and password, and then under the “View my Reviewees” option, you select the name of the reviewee who has requested the change. Once on his page, you select the Edit button, change the requested information to be accurate and up-to-date, and select Save at the bottom of the screen. The change is live and immediately appears on the online Directory for members of the University community and general public to see.

Example: A new employee comes on board. It takes several days for her to be fed into the system, and thus to be claimable as a reviewee in the online Directory. You claim her in a timely manner in the Directory Reviewer website, having monitored her status. Once you've claimed her, you add her contact and organizational information, creating a Directory entry on her behalf.

Example: An employee departs the University or your organization, and you will no longer be their Directory Reviewer. You log in to the Directory Reviewer website, and remove their contact entry information.

General Communications

The communications you will generally engage in your capacity as a Directory Reviewer primarily include:

  1. Communicating with your reviewees regarding requested Directory contact information changes
  2. Communicating with the Directory Office regarding any confusion or difficulties encountered as you make Directory contact information changes*
  3. Communicating with your fellow Directory Reviewers regarding any shared users or departments

*Note: The Directory Office is not responsible for updating a reviewee's information on behalf of a Directory Reviewer. All changes to a reviewee's information need to be made by the Directory Reviewer herself.

Back-up Reviewer(s)

Every organization should aim to have at least two reviewers per reviewee or reviewed organization. Having a back-up reviewer is an asset to your organization and prevents many foreseeable and frequently encountered issues such as:

  • Being unable to make Directory updates for organizations and individuals when the sole Directory Reviewer departs that organization
  • Being unable to create a Directory entry for a new hire

In addition to coverage in instances of departure from the University or from an organization by a Directory Reviewer, having a back-up reviewer(s) also allows for Directory coverage in the event that a Directory Reviewer leaves his or her position temporarily, either on account of maternity/paternity leave, illness, vacation, or a similar event.

Reviewee Shared Between Organizations

The responsibilities of a Directory Reviewer who has a person who is shared between departments includes the following:

  1. Creating a New Contact Object or Entry: Never overwrite another organization or Directory Reviewer's entry for a given reviewee; you should instead create a new contact object for your organization's information for that reviewee.
  2. Order of Contact Objects: Never change the order in which a reviewee's information shows up in the Directory (referencing, for example, your department's entry over another department's entry) without having been directed to do so by the reviewee first.

In the event that you believe the order of contact objects should be different on your reviewee’s Directory page, contact the reviewee for clarification.

In the event that the reviewee has requested that you change the order in which his Directory entries appear, it is important that you let his other Directory Reviewer(s) know of this request.

Departing the University or Your Current Position as a Directory Reviewer

  • Departure from the University: In the event of departure or retirement from the University, it is your responsibility to remove yourself as a Directory Reviewer for all reviewees and organizations you serve(d) in that capacity.

  • Move or Promotion: In the event that you change organizations within the University, or are promoted to a position in which you will no longer be responsible for maintaining Directory information, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have removed yourself as the Directory Reviewer for all organizations and individuals you serve(d) in that capacity.

  • In all of above-mentioned cases of departure or relinquishment of your role to take on other responsibilities, it is your responsibility to contact the Directory Office at to let us of know of your departure so that we may remove your Directory Reviewer access, and, if possible, to inform of us your replacement

Downloadable PDFs

Because the Directory moved to an online-only format in Fall 2011, there are no longer printed directories.The printed directories have been replaced by Downloadable PDFs. If you wish to download Directory information to your desktop, you may do so by logging into the online Directory ( and clicking on Downloadable PDFs.

The PDFs feature several distinct advantages over the old print version of the Directory, including:

  • Daily Updates: The PDFs are updated in the system every night, and thus reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information
  • Easy Searching: The PDFs are searchable in the same way a Word document is searchable (Command/Control + F)
  • Distinct individual, University, and Medical Center entries (more below)

Individual Entries

Individual information is printed alphabetically from left to right. Only an individual's primary contact information is printed in the PDF. All secondary and tertiary titles are displayed only online at

University and Medical Center Entries

University and Medical Center entries are listed hierarchically and ordered alphabetically by division. The PDF will contain main contact information for each Division, Department, and Sub-department on campus. Contact information includes:

    • Department name
    • Main department mailing address and/or faculty exchange
    • Main department email, phone, and fax
    • Department URL(s)
    • Social media links (Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, blogs, etc.)
    • Department and sub-department information as applicable

Questions on Updating

The Directory Office has compiled an extensive list of questions and answers on how to perform various actions in the Directory Update System, including updating, deleting, or adding a Directory entry for a person or an organization. The FAQs are organized by topic. Go to the Directory Reviewer FAQs.

Support Information

The Directory Office supports Directory Reviewers and the Directory, the Directory Update System, and related applications. To this end, the following resources are dedicated to supporting Directory Reviewers:

If you have any questions or concerns about the Directory, or are unsure of how to update an entry after an initial attempt(s), you may contact the Directory Office for assistance at

The IT Services TECHB@R, located on the first floor of the Joseph Regenstein Library, also offers daily walk-in support. Hours are:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Please note that hours may change based on holidays, academic quarters, and special events. Check for the latest TECHB@R hours.

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