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Data Center & Operations - Data Center Equipment Removal Process

This process sets the controls and requirements which govern removal of equipment from IT Services controlled Data Centers. The 6045, POD-A and 1155 Data Centers are controlled spaces where equipment identified for disposal may contain confidential data. The disposition of the data and equipment are to be controlled by IT Services.

  1. Operations Staff receives a ServiceNow ticket, or email notification for groups without access to ServiceNow, of request to remove equipment from the 1155 or 6045 Data Centers from the department which maintains it including ultimate disposition, I.E. save for re-purpose or arrange for recycle.
    1. Additional Information:
      1. Number of pieces of equipment to be removed
      2. Make and Model Number of each outgoing unit
      3. Name used by department
      4. Size of each outgoing element in U’s
      5. Rack Location by floor grid
      6. Machine Room identifier
      7. Power status
      8. Network connections

  2. The requesting person/department will arrange to physically identify the equipment for removal by attaching a label to the face plate indicating “Pull” or “Remove.”
    NOTE: The fact such label appears will NOT be regarded as instruction to remove absent a ticket or email notification that the equipment is to be removed.

  3. Upon notification, Operations Staff will verify that power has been turned off and network connections disabled.

  4. Remove equipment and rails from the rack.

  5. Equipment will be moved to:
    1. The 1155 Tape Library staging area, marked with the requested disposition
    2. The 6045 Staging area marked with the requested disposition
    3. All hard drives are removed from equipment and disposed of separately
    4. If equipment is to be recycled it will be process through the IT Services Warehouse process
    5. If equipment will be re-purpose the equipment is stored and marked with the requester's name, date of storage, and estimated duration of storage.

  6. Requesting person is notified of removal of equipment by email, copy to DCS-OPER mail list, and the ServiceNow ticket updated.

  7. Equipment disposition is changed in the inventory database.

  8. Equipment is removed from Monitoring systems.

  9. Operations Staff will notify Resource Center Warehouse personnel of the need to arrange a pickup from 1155 or 6045.

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