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Chalk - Adaptive Release (Instructors)

This article explains how instructors use the Adaptive Release tool to manipulate the availability of a content item in Chalk.

Why use Adaptive Release?

The Adaptive Release tool allows Instructors to limit the availability of a content item (folder, test, project, assignment, etc.) to a student. After an Instructor adds content to their course, the content is (by default) viewable by all students. Using the Adaptive Release tool, a content item can be made available, based on the following rules:

  • Date (future date, current date, assignment due date - time is based on Chicago Time, following DST/CST)
  • Membership (individuals or groups are able to view specific assignments)
  • Grade (release a make-up assignment or test based on a student's grade performance)
  • Review (after students have reviewed specific instructor notes,comments or a lesson, then an assignment is made available)

Create an Adaptive Release

  1. Click the down-arrow next to the content item, folder, test or survey, then select Adaptive Release.
    Chalk Lab Webpage

Note: It is NOT recommended to apply multiple release options on a single content item. Be sure to use caution, as students will have to meet all of the criteria in order to view the item. The following Adaptive Release options are available: Date, Membership, Grade, Review Status.

Date Release

Date Release allows Instructors to restrict the date and time that a content item is made available.

  1. Click the Display After or Display Until checkbox, then click the Date button to select the date and time the content will be available.
    Date Release Settings

  2. Click the Submit button.
    Submit Button

Membership Release

Membership allows Instructors to restrict availability to specific groups or individual students.

  1. Click the Browse button, then locate the Username of the individual. OR click the Group Name, then click the right-arrow to move the group to the Selected Items list.
    Membership Release Settings

  2. Click the Submit button.
    Submit Button

Grade Release

Grade Release allows Instructors to release content based on a student's grade listed in the Grade Center.

  1. Select the Grade Center column from the list, then enter the Score or Percent the grade should be Less than or Greater than. In this example, if the Exam 1 is greater than 80%, then the Exam is no longer available and the student DOES NOT need to attempt the exam again.
    Grade Release Settings

  2. Click the Submit button.
    Submit Button

Review Status

Review Status allows an Instructor to require students to review a content item before another content item is made available.

  1. Click the Browse button.
    Review Status Search Bar

  2. Click the {Content Item, Folder or Assignment} that should be reviewed by the student. Note: Students must click a Marked Reviewed button to indicate they have reviewed the content.
    Chalk Tutorial Course Drop-down List The name of the selected Content Item appears in the textbox.
    Item Select Textbox

  3. Click the Submit button.
    Submit Button

Create an Advanced Adaptive Release

Using the Advanced Adaptive Release, Instructors have the ability to Customize/Rename Rules, Create Multiple Rules and Copy Rules.

  1. Click the Down-arrow next to a content item, folder, test or survey, then select Adaptive Release: Advanced.
    Chalk Lab Webpage

  2. Click the Create Rule button. Note: A previously created Adaptive Release will be automatically named Rule 1. The Adaptive Release: Advanced allows the rules to be renamed, copied or deleted.
    Create Rule Button

  3. Enter the Rule Name.
    Rule Name Textbox

  4. Click the Submit button.
    Submit Button
    Optional Step: Click the down-arrow, next to the Rule Name, to rename (manage), copy or delete the rule.
    Rule Name Drop-down Menu
    Optional Step: Click the Create Criteria button to add additional rules for the Date, Grade or Membership; The Review Status button can be used to create a Review Status rule (as shown previously).
    Chalk Manage Criteria Page

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