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Budget Planning and Management - Delphi Planning - Navigate Delphi Planning

This article explains how to navigate in Delphi Planning applications.

Delphi Planning provides many tools for working with tasks and documents:

  • Delphi Planning menus
  • Delphi Planning toolbar

Delphi Planning Menus

Access to menu commands is assigned based on user profiles.

File Menu: The following table describes the commands in the file menu:

 New  Create new documents, workspace pages, or personal pages
 Open  Open a new document, application, or URL
 Close  Close current, others or all
 Save  Save data input to data forms
 Print  Print the current data form displayed
 Preferences  Set various preferences
 Log Off  Log off Delphi Planning
 Exit  Exit Workspace

Edit Menu: The following edit options are available when using a data form.

 Adjust  Increase or decrease data values by a percentage
 Grid Spread  Spread data values across multiple dimensions on the data grid; choose from allocation options: proportional, evenly split, and fill
 Mass Allocate (not enabled)  Allocate data values across multiple dimensions; choose from allocation options: proportional, evenly split, and fill 
 Cut, Copy, Paste  Cut, copy, or paste data from one or more cells into other cells
 Comment  Add comments to a specific cell or range of cells in a web form 
 Lock/Unlock Cells  Lock cells to ignore cells when spreading data
 Supporting Detail  Add detail that will aggregate the cell value in a data form
 Annotate Planning Unit (not enabled)  Add comments to a planning unit

View Menu

 Edit Account Annotations  Enter, edit, or view comments for a specific account, entity, scenario, and version combination
 Currency (not enabled)  Look up a currency code
 Refresh  Refresh the current view to reflect what is stored in the database
 View Masthead  Hide or show the Delphi Planning masthead
 View Pane   Hide or show the View Pane

Tools Menu

 Change Password  Change your Delphi Planning password
 Install  Install Smart View
 Business Rules   Access and run business rules
 Job Console  Review Delphi Planning background jobs in progress
 Ad Hoc  Create ad hoc grids

The Delphi Planning Toolbar


 buttonsave.png  Save  Save input on data forms
 buttonrefresh.png  Refresh  Refresh the data form with data stored in the database
 buttonprint.png  Print  Print the current data form displayed
 buttonadjust.png  Adjust  Increase or decrease values by a percentage or a value
 buttongrid.png  Grid Spread  Spread data across dimensions on the data form
 buttonmass.png  Mass Allocate (not enabled)  Run a mass allocate calculation
 buttoncelltext.png  Cell Text  Add comments to a specific cell at any level in data forms
 buttonlockunlock.png  Lock/Unlock  Lock or unlock cells when spreading data
 buttonsupportdetail.png  Supporting Detail  Add detail that aggregates the cell value in data forms
 buttonopendoc.png  Open Document  Open a document from one of the Delphi Planning folders
 buttoncut.png  Cut  Cut a data value from a cell in a data form 
 buttoncopy.png  Copy  Copy data values on a data form
 buttonpaste.png  Paste  Paste data values into other cells on a data form
 buttoninstructions.png  Instructions  Open the instructions dialog box for the displayed form
 buttonopensmartV.png  Open in Smart View  Open the selected data form in Smart View for Excel
 buttontasklist.png  Task List (not enabled)  Open task lists to which you have access
 buttonstatus.png  Status  Display the status of tasks in task lists


When you complete your work, close the web forms and reports you used during the session and log off the system.

To close the web forms, select the Home Page tab.

Right-click, and select Close Others.

Click the Log Off link in the top right section of Workspace.

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