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Chalk - Assessment - Self and Peer Assessment Submission and Evaluation (Students)

This article explains how students can use the Self and Peer Assessment tool in Chalk 9.1.

The Self and Peer Assessment tool is a new feature available in Chalk 9.1 and is used to present a unique learning activity. It is now possible to conduct these activities online through Chalk. The instructor must create a Self and Peer Assessment first in any content area in Chalk, prior to the student being able to submit their work and evaluate their own work or the work of other students.

Self and Peer Assessments consists of three parts

  1. Submission: The first part consists of submitting your file or assignment and answering questions (depending on how your instructor set the criteria).
    Important: please note the submission time frame.
  2. Evaluation: After the submission deadline expires, students will be able to evaluate their own papers or those of other students (depending on the instructor's preferences).
    Important: please note the evaluation time frame.
  3. Viewing your evaluations and feedback: After the evaluation deadline expires, students will be able to review feedback given by other students.

Step 1: Submission

  • During the submission time frame, students navigate to where the instructor posted the Self and Peer Assessment and select on the View/Complete Assessment link.
    Self and Peer Assessment Tab

    • The instructor may have several questions for students to answer. Click on each question number, i.e, Question 1, Question 2, etc.
      Assessment Page

    • The instructor may request that student to respond to questions by typing in the text box or attaching a file.
    • When the student is finished, select Submit.
    • Repeat the process if there are additional questions.
      Response Page

    • The green confirmation appears.
    • Select OK
      Assessment Completion Page

Step 2: Evaluation

  • Once the submission deadline has passed, the evaluation time frame begins.
  • To evaluate your own work or that of another student, return to the same area in Chalk.
  • Select View/Complete Assessment again.
    Self and Peer Assessment Tab
  • Students who have submitted their work appear. If the instructor has allowed anonymous evaluation, students names will appear as User1, User2, etc.
  • Click on a user's name to begin the evaluation process.
    Evaluation Overview Page

  • The user's submission comments in the textbox appears and any submitted work in the form of an attachment.
  • Click on the attachment name to download and review.
    Assessment Evaluation Page

  • Scroll down the screen and type in your feedback in the textbox and assign points.
    Criteria Completion Status Window

  • If there are more than one question to evaluate, you can track what question you are evaluating in the question tab. This also allows you to move around the assessment.
    Question Evaluation Tab

  • After you have finished providing feedback on all the questions, select Save and Submit.
  • If your instructor has made it a requirement to review more than one student, proceed to the next student.

Step 3: Viewing your Evaluations and Feedback

  • At the conclusion of the evaluation period, return to the Self and Peer Assessment area to view the evaluation provided by you and your classmates.
  • To access the evaluations, click again on View/Complete Assessment link.
  • This time, you will see the feedback and score provided by each evaluator. Note: if you do not see the Results page, please check that the evaluation time frame has expired.
    Evaluation and Feedback Results Page

  • Important Note: If the instructor has selected to make the process anonymous, each evaluator will be listed as User 1, User 2, etc.

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