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Chalk - Videos - Manage Your Videos (Instructors)

This article explains how to use the Course Gallery to manage access to your videos.

The Course Gallery is a searchable and sortable display of all video content associated with a Chalk course. It also allows instructors to add new video content (upload or record from a webcam). The Course Gallery is different from My Media. My Media is a site where you can view and manage all videos you've uploaded or created. Videos in the Course Gallery are available to all other instructors and TAs, and can be made visible to students if you set up a Course Gallery page and give permission to view videos. Videos in My Media are only visible to you.

To access the Course Gallery

  1. Open a course site in Chalk.
  2. In the Control Panel, click Course Tools, then select Course Gallery. (You will need to turn on the tool if you have not already. Instructions for doing so can be found in this article)
    Chalk Course Management Menu

Add Content to the Course Gallery

  1. At the top of the Course Gallery, you have the option to access all of your uploaded videos for all of your courses by clicking My Media. This will take you to the My Media page, and you will need to navigate back to the Course Gallery later.
    Chalk Course Gallery
  2. Inside My Media, click the video you would like to add to the course gallery. Under the video, click the Add to Course Gallery button and choose the correct course from the drop-down menu.
    My-Media Page
  3. You have now added this video to the Course Gallery for the selected course. Add any other videos from My Media and then return to the Course Gallery.

    My-Media Video Selection Page

    Navigate the Course Gallery

  4. To select a different video, click on any of the thumbnails.
  5. To search for a video, at the top of the screen select whether you want to search on the Title, Tags, or Description. Then, type the search word and click Go.
    Add Media Page

Once you select a video, you can use the Course Gallery to perform several tasks:

Each of these tasks is described below.

Edit Title, Description and Tags

In the Course Gallery, you can change the title of the video. Also, use the Description field to include brief information about the video and the source for the video. Use the Tags field to list search terms that can help you or your students find the video.
Course Gallery Video Editor

  • To edit the title, click the Edit link next to the title. Change the title then click OK.
  • To edit the video description, click the Edit link next to Description. Edit or enter the description and click OK.
  • To edit the Tags, click the Edit link next to Tags. Edit or list the tags for the video, using a comma to separate each tag, then click OK.

Control View Access

You can choose to allow your students to view the video in the Course Gallery by making the video public. If the video is not public, your students will not be able to view it. You can also make the video a feature which will display the video on the course home page if you also set up the home page to display the course module. You can also choose to display embed code for the video. If you display the embed code, your students can copy and paste the code into another web page.

  • To allow viewing, click the Make this Item Public in Gallery check box. Notice this will activate two other options: Feature and Allow Embed.
  • To make the video a feature, click Add to Gallery Module on course homepage check box. You will then need to set up a Course Module page and make this your home page.
  • To display code for accessing the video in another web page, click the Display Embed Code check box. You can then copy and paste the code from here.

    Course Gallery Video Editor

Remove a Video from the Course Gallery

You can remove the video from the Course Gallery or delete the video entirely. If you remove it from the Gallery, the video will remain in your collection where you can still insert it or re-add it to the gallery.

  • To remove, click the Remove from Course Gallery button. The video will be removed from the Course Gallery but will remain in your content collection (My Media).
  • To re-add the video back to the Course Gallery:
    1. Click Add Media button at the top left of the Course Gallery page.
      Chalk Course Gallery Page

    2. Select the My Content tab and click Search.
      Chalk Media Page

    3. Locate the video thumbnail and click on it.
    4. Click Next, then click Next again. The video appears at the top of the list.

Delete a Video

You can delete any videos that you no longer want in your collection. If you delete a video, it will be permanently removed from your collection.

To delete a video

  1. Select the video in the Course Gallery
  2. Click the Delete Media button. This permanently removes the video from the Course Gallery, My Media, and anywhere else it's displayed.

Create a Clip from a Video

Use the Course Gallery to create a video clip, or partial video, from an uploaded video.

  1. In the Course Gallery, click on the thumbnail of the video you want to edit.
  2. Below the video display on the right, click on the Create Clip button.

    A video editing panel displays:

    Chalk Video Editing Panel

  3. To create your clip, set the in and out times either by directly setting the Start Time and End Time fields at the top, or by using the timeline slider.
    Chalk Video Editing Panel

  4. To use the slider:
    • Click and drag the slider button (above the thin red line) to the time you want to start the video, and then click the Set In button. Hint: The video window above will show you the image at the time position of the slider button.
    • Next, drag the slider button to the time you want to end your video and click the Set Out button. Also, you can drag the start and end brackets to adjust the clip.
      Chalk Video Editor Slider
  5. Type a title for the clip and a description.
  6. Click Preview to play your clip.
  7. When you are finished, click the Save button on the panel.
  8. Depending on the size of the clip it may take some time for processing before the clip actually appears in your Course Gallery. Please wait several minutes and refresh the screen.

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