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SharePoint 2010 - Terminology

This article provides definitions for common terms relating to SharePoint 2010.

Content type - A collection of Site Columns grouped together to define an item that you would like to store.

Farm - Installation of one or more load-balanced Web servers, and back-end servers, with a configuration database.

Farm Feature - Feature that is scoped globally for the entire server farm. For this reason, farm Features are also known as "global Features." Unlike other Feature types, a global Feature is activated by default in the farm. A farm Feature contains several elements that are critical for implementing applications and logic.

Feature - A package of Windows SharePoint Services elements that helps a user accomplish a particular goal or task. For example, one Feature might be named "My Favorite Items" and contain the following:

  • A custom list that stores, per user, a list of the user's favorite items. This list is created as a single hidden list per workspace when a Feature is enabled.
  • A custom menu item, named "Add to Favorites", that is attached to all lists and adds an item to the Favorites list.
  • A Web Part that shows the user the top 10 favorites, with usage and link tracking to bring true favorites to the top.
  • Each of these individual elements, by themselves, may not be useful, but when you enable all of them on a site they become a complete Feature that solves a particular task.

Library – Container for holding documents, pictures, lists, discussions.

List - Container in which SharePoint stores data. Much of SharePoint is stored in a list.

Page - Container for Web Part zones, and Web Parts.

Site - Container for child sites, pages, and content such as lists and document libraries.

Site Collection - Container for SharePoint sites, which exists within a specific content database. A site collection contains a top-level site and optional child sites, and is the unit of ownership, securability, and recoverability.

Site Collection Feature - Feature that is scoped at the site collection level. Typically, a site collection Feature contains items that apply to the site collection as a whole, such as Web Parts or content types that are global to the site collection.

Site Definition - A grouping of lists, features, settings, style sheets, themes master pages and a bunch of other stuff that define a web site. An example of a site definition would be Team Site, Publishing Site with Workflow, or Blank Site. You need to choose a site definition when you create a new Site Collection or a new Site.

Site Template - A customized Site Definition. Site Templates are usually used to save small changes done to a Site Definition so that they can be reused over and over again.

Web Application - IIS Web site, extended to use SharePoint, which can host site collections.

Web Application Feature - A Feature that is scoped to the Web application level.

Web Part - Components that display content on a page and are the primary means for users to customize/personalize pages.

Web Part Zone - Container for Web Parts.

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