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Junkmail - Filtering Spam in xMail

This article explains how to filter spam in your xMail account using Junkmail.

Junkmail processes all incoming mail and applies a probable spam score, or percentage to it. Messages that score over 90% are held by Junkmail; messages over 70% have their subject line modified to include the word [spam] but are forwarded to the user's xMail inbox.

Every 24 hours, the user will receive a report via email in their xMail inbox regarding quarantined emails from the email filtering spam system ( It is recommended that the user log into and decide what to do with mail quarantined as spam. One may select a individual emails to be delivered, as well create lists of allowed or blocked senders.

Logging In

Visit and enter your CNetID and password.

Accepting or Rejecting Email To Be Delivered

  1. Log in to the system at
  2. Find the email message you wish to accept and approve to be sent to your normal email account
  3. Go to the Status drop-down box near the right and select Accept Message
  4. Click the Submit Changes button
  5. You may also select other options from the Status drop-down list, such as Reject Message, Silently Discard, and add a sender or sender's email domain ( to an allowed or blocked list.

Filtering Through Rules

From Rules > Custom Rules, you can set up rules to filter the Senders, Domains, Networks, etc. There are different options for custom rules (fields, relations, data, etc.). The custom rule screen is displayed below:

Blocking specific domains

If you are getting a lot of spam from a specific domain, but from multiple email addresses (and even multiple subdomains), it can be helpful to block, or blacklist, a domain entirely. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Rules on the left, and then choose Domains.
  2. Enter the domain you would like to blacklist, and click Add Rule.

  3. Make sure the action is set to "Always Reject", and optionally add an expiration date and comments before clicking Submit Changes


If legitimate email is being marked as spam, make sure you have not accidentally blocked any senders. You can see which emails have been filtered under Quarantine, and review any blocked senders under Rules. Although Junkmail is sophisticated, it is sometimes overzealous. It is trainable, so it will improve with time, but if a specific sender's emails are being filtered when they shouldn't be, it is possible to "whitelist" them, or tell Junkmail to allow their messages through unconditionally. In order to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Rules on the left, and then choose Senders.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you would like to whitelist, and click Add Rule.

  3. Make sure the action is set to "Always Allow", and optionally add an expiry date and comments before clicking Submit Changes


From Preferences > Notification, the system allows scheduling the notifications that you'll receive to your main email address regarding spam email activity:

Automatic Deletion

After 30 days, all the emails stored on that are not accepted by the user, will be deleted.

More Info

For information on features not covered here, see However, be warned: this document is long and contains a lot of information, some of which is quite technical.

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