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Security - Remote Data Wipe of Mobile Devices Using xMail

This article explains how to use xMail to remove all data from a mobile device that has been lost or stolen, or when an owner needs to recycle a device.

Email Requirements

These instructions apply to Mobile Devices which are synchronizing with the IT Services xMail service and using a recognized and supported protocol. This does not apply to mobile devices using non-ITS Exchange mail servers (e.g. Booth, Medical Center, Law, etc.)

Browser Requirements

Outlook Web App (OWA) can be used via Internet Explorer 7 or later and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Operating System (OS) Requirements

Some devices may be listed, but their support varies by official phone vendor. Jailbroken, rooted, non-manufacturer ROM-based devices may not respond to the wipe command.


In most cases, performing such a wipe factory resets the mobile device, so all data, including personal data, will be removed from the device. Refer to this page for more details.

Perform Wipe

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose Options > See All Options
  3. Select Phones > Mobile Phones
    OWA screen 1

  4. Select the device to be wiped and click the Wipe Device icon from the menu. The wipe will restore your device to factory settings and will be performed only when the device is turned on and connected to a cellular network and "phones home." If you make multiple wipe requests, they must all be completed before you restore your device, otherwise any restored data will be deleted.

  5. The Status column displays when a data wipe is pending, cancelled, or completed successfully.
    owa wipe screen-4

  6. Check your email for a confirmation of the data wipe.
    email confirmation screenshot
  7. Select the wiped device and click the Delete (X) icon from the menu to remove the wiped device from the list.

  8. Click Yes to confirm removal of the device from the list.
    owa wipe screen-8


I have multiple devices listed, which one should I wipe?

If you have multiple devices synchronizing with xMail, each should be reflected in the list and you will need to determine which one you would like to wipe. In some cases, the same device may be listed multiple times - this generally happens when you have setup, wiped the account from the device, and then set it up again. This can also happen when you upgrade the operating system or change mail clients on the device. You may also just see information from past devices from long ago, and if so, you can choose Remove Device from List... to edit the listing. Be careful though, once you remove the device you will not be able to wipe it!

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