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Mobility - Ring Schedule (Video Demo)

This video explains how to set up a Ring Schedule for the Mobility Services at

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Mobility - Setting up Ring Schedules [1:52]

Video Transcript

Welcome! This short video will demonstrate how to control when your desk phone rings to your remote destination by setting up a Mobility Ring Schedule.

Let's say you only want to have your deskphone ring to your remote destination some of the time, maybe just on the days you work from home or away from the office. Then you may want to use the Ring Schedule to define exactly when Mobility is enabled.

Let's say that I work from home on Mondays and I'm on call all day and I want my University line to ring to my remote destination, which in this case is my cell phone. I'll check the box next to Monday and check the All Day box.

Let's also say that I travel to Argonne every Tuesday afternoon and I want my University line to ring to my cell when I'm traveling and while I'm at Argonne. I'll check the box next to Tuesday and click the first drop down to select the time I want to start using Mobility which is 12:00 o'clock. I'll look for 12:00 then select it. Now, I'll follow the same procedure for the ending time. Click the To drop down arrow, locate the time you want Mobility to end on Tuesday. That's 6:30 PM for me. But, this interface uses military time, so I'll add 12 and select 18:30. Mobility is now scheduled to only ring to my remote destination on Monday all day and on Tuesday from 12 - 6:30PM. I'll do a quick check before I save, everything looks right. So, all I have left to do is click save. The status will let you know if the update was successful. And now if you are satisfied with your changes, click the logout button.

For more information about mobility and other services we offer go to For questions email support or call 2-5800. Thank you for watching this quick tip, brought to you by IT Services.

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