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Extending and Bridging Services for Departments, Schools, and Divisions

This article explains how departments can extend or bridge some service eligibility for individuals whose academic appointments have expired.


Extend is designed to provide wireless and mail forwarding access to people whose formal affiliation with the University has ended but who need some services in order to wrap up associations with the University. An example would be an instructor who has left the University at the end of the Fall quarter, but whose grades for the Fall quarter are not due until sometime in March.


Bridging provides full account privileges for faculty and other academic appointees who have recurring appointments with a year or less between the end of one and beginning of the next and who require uninterrupted services. The gap between appointments is bridged using this program. Accounts can be bridged for up to nine months.

Eligibility for Extend or Bridging Services

Faculty, other academic appointees, and staff of the University may be provisioned with Extend services before the Closure process completes (Day 45) . Bridging services are available for faculty and other academic appointees after their upcoming appointment has been designated and before the Closure process completes (Day 45).

How to Get Extend or Bridging Services

Both Bridging and Extend are provisioned through the Trusted Agent Program. To request Bridging or Extend services, please contact your Trusted Agent.

Dean's Office Exceptional Requests

Occasionally, other services (such as access to Library databases) may be necessary to accomplish the work of the University. While it is not possible to provision someone who does not have an active affiliation with the University with the status and privileges of someone who does, IT Services will be happy to help direct inquiries for particular services to the correct service owner.

The Dean or Dean's representative may email a request to IT Services Service Desk ( with information detailing what IT or Library services are requested for whom, together with any illuminating context for the request. The service desk will route the request to appropriate ITS or Library administrators for review.

Exceptional requests, i.e., those sent to the ITS Service Desk, will be reviewed by appropriate ITS or Library administrators and a determination made if the request can be granted, an alternate accommodation can be made, or if fulfillment of the request would produce a conflict with University policies.

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