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Mainframe - UCHIBETA LPAR Information

This article explains details about the UCHIBETA LPAR on the mainframe.


UCHIBETA is a Logical Partition (LPAR) on the IBM Z9 Mainframe capable of containing a "clone" of the entire Production LPAR UCHIMVS1. UCHIBETA is meant for testing purposes only. Vendor agreements prohibit the use of UCHIBETA for Production processing.

On Tuesday, 5/21/02, we began using FlashCopy to prepare UCHIBETA support disks. Please see Mainframe - FlashCopy Implementation for more information.

The System Date on UCHIBETA will be the "current date" unless requests for special dates are made. See instructions under Reservations below.

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UCHIBETA will be IPLed (with a default System Date of "current date" unless otherwise requested) to be available at 8:00 AM daily for either Open Testing or "exclusive" Pre-arranged Partner Testing until at least 5:00 PM. Longer testing windows can be arranged. See instructions under Reservations below.

There are specific conditions under which UCHIBETA is made available on Sundays. If System or Hardware Test Time has been scheduled on the z9, UCHIBETA will be made available after Test Time has been completed. Data Center Services' Mainframe Systems Group can have UCHIBETA on Sundays for Exclusive Use as needed (we will make every effort to announce such DCS Exclusive Sunday Use by the Thursday previous; use email address to request special settings for UCHIBETA with at least two working days advance notice, especially for Sundays!). On Tue, 5/21/02, we began using FlashCopy to prepare UCHIBETA support disks. Please see our Mainframe - FlashCopy Implementation for more information.


Your TN3270 client should be set for address The UCHIBETA Logon Screen features the word "BETA" in large letters. You will also see "Node" identified as UCHIBETA on the BETA Logon Screen.

Please NOTE that if we advance the date on UCHIBETA, your Logon Password may turn up as "Expired!" In that situation, simply use the NEW PASSWORD field to change your Password. This change will NOT be reflected in UCHIMVS1 and will NOT be carried over to a new day's Testing Session.


Please email to make arrangements for special UCHIBETA testing environments. We will need the following information:

  • Actual Date of Test
  • Requested System Date (if different from Actual Date)
  • Online Regions Required
  • Applications to be tested
  • Duration of Testing Period (if beyond 5:00 PM)
  • Printing needs

The default UCHIBETA LPAR will have all Online Regions available. CICS Regions are all CICS/TS. As of January, 2000, the default Machine Date on UCHIBETA will be "Current Date" unless otherwise requested. When requesting status changes for Online Regions, be sure to specify UCHIBETA LPAR.

Multi-Partner testing periods are possible only if all parties agree on the System date and environment (Online Regions, etc) to be used and if there are no inter-application contentions.

Please make your testing arrangements as far in advance as possible.


One Xerox DP100 Printer can be made available to UCHIBETA on request. Please call the Computer Room at 2-7626 to request UCHIBETA printing. Please NOTE that circumstances (printers down, heavy print volume on UCHIMVS1) may limit printer availability on UCHIBETA.

Effective Monday, 9/12/05, Impact printing on the Mainframe is not available.

Please NOTE that once a printer is allocated to UCHIBETA, all jobs eligible to print on that device will be printed. If you do not wish to have the output from a particular job print, please set that job to a non-print MSGCLASS as described in Document 19448 is unavailable at this time..


We maintain a UCHIBETA Table Of Scheduled Activity, available Mainframe - UCHIBETA Testing Schedule

Data Transfer

There will be no FTP of data between UCHIMVS1 and UCHIBETA. We will instead provide a one-way Data Transfer DASD Volume named TRNSFR to allow information collected in the UCHIBETA LPAR to be passed to UCHIMVS1. All such information must be copied from the TRNSFR Volume before UCHIBETA is next IPLed. At that time the TRNSFR Volume will be "wiped clean." Please NOTE that data on the TRNSFR Volume cannot be cataloged on UCHIMVS1. To access TRNSFR data once the volume is back on UCHIMVS1, direct volume references must be used.

There is one restriction for the use of the TRNSFR volume: VSAM data sets cannot be written there.

Should our Systems Group need UCHIBETA for internal testing beyond 5:00 PM, the TRNSFR Volume will still be available on UCHIMVS1.

The TRNSFR Volume cannot be used to pass data from UCHIMVS1 to UCHIBETA. Data created on UCHIMVS1 can only be passed by using UCHIMVS1 DASD files created prior to FlashCopy processing.


FTP has been enabled in UCHIBETA as of 10/30/12. All external IP Addresses have been "locked down" except for those defined in BETA's ACF2 and NETACCESS control files.  To formally request that an IP Address be enabled as a target for UCHIBETA FTP, email the request to


On Tuesday, 12/2/08, Data Center Services replaced the MAIL program in UCHIBETA with BETAMAIL. The MAIL program will no longer function in BETA as of 12/2/08 and jobs invoking MAIL in the UCHIBETA LPAR will fail. In order to test Mainframe Mail in UCHIBETA, invoke BETAMAIL instead of MAIL in all jobs. All Mainframe Email generated by invoking BETAMAIL in UCHIBETA will include the lines "This is a test email from the BETA Machine. This is NOT from a production run." enclosed in an asterisk (*) box. For more information about BETAMAIL in UCHIBETA, enter BETAMAIL HELP at the UCHIBETA TSO READY prompt (or TSO MAIL HELP at the ISPF Options Line or at any ISPF COMMAND line). Report problems with BETAMAIL to

System Catalog

Each new disk copy process will copy the UCHIMVS1 System Catalog to UCHIBETA. Updates to the UCHIBETA System Catalog will NOT be retained beyond the Test Session during which they were made. Updates to the UCHIBETA System Catalog will NOT be reflected in UCHIMVS1.


UCHIBETA will have its own copy of IBM's Removable Media Manager (RMM) catalog.

RMM on UCHIBETA will allow access toUCHIMVS1 Virtual Tape Volumes. No data may be written to UCHIMVS1 Virtual Tape Volumes from UCHIBETA. Virtual Tape Data may only be written to UCHIBETA VT scratch volumes.

Please NOTE that UCHIMVS1's RMM will still allow authorized accounts to write and Virtual tape Volumes which you may need to read on UCHIBETA; Please coordinate your department's activities accordingly to protect your test environment.

RMM on UCHIMVS1 has no access to the Virtual Tape volumes used on UCHIBETA.

Please NOTE that each disk copy routine will reset UCHIBETA's RMM volumes to "All Scratch" status. No cataloged RMM Volumes can be passed to the next Test Session.


On April 1, 2002, all Round-Reel service on the Mainframe was discontinued.

ESP Scheduling

As of 8/4/05, all Scheduled ESP Events in UCHIBETA are suspended when that LPAR is IPLed. Triggered ESP Events in UCHIBETA are not affected. To "Unsuspend" a Suspended ESP Event in BETA, issue the line command "R" for "Resume" by the suspended event on the ISPF ESP List Events screen. Production ESP Scheduled Events have always been Suspended in BETA to prevent their automatic submission.


Testing parties are responsible for the preparation and integrity of supporting data for their applications. They are also responsible for identifying prerequisite jobs which may interfere with the successful triggering of ESP events (the Production Shop can assist in this process).

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