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Mainframe - z/OS Information

This article explains background information on the mainframe system at the University of Chicago.


The UCHIBETA LPAR is available for Open Testing 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Sat and is not available on Sundays. We have a Schedule Page for UCHIBETA Environment and Machine Date information. We use FlashCopy to prepare disks for UCHIBETA.

All Scheduled ESP Events in UCHIBETA are suspended when that LPAR is IPLed daily. Triggered ESP Events in UCHIBETA are not affected. To "Unsuspend" a Suspended ESP Event in BETA, issue the line command "R" for "Resume" by the suspended event on the ISPF ESP List Events screen.

Round-Reel Taps

There are no Round-Reel tape drives connected to the Mainframe. Pontis Systems Inc at 226 S Wabash, Suite 900, will convert data from 9-Track tapes. Please contact Glen Dsouza at 312-427-3919 for details.

Impact Printers

All Production print applications have been migrated from impact printers to cut-sheet printers and the impact printers have been disconnected as of 9/11/05.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption for FTP is required on the Mainframe. FTP is not available in the UCHIBETA LPAR. Please see our Core FTP documentation page to download and view an installation walk-through for a free Core FTP client for Windows which supports SSL encryption. WS-FTP Professional can also be enabled for SSL (but is not free). IT Services does not support, nor have we tested, any SSL FTP clients for Macintosh.

Virtual Tape Issue

If a Virtual Tape (VT) volume is in use in either UCHIBETA or UCHIMVS1, a mount request for the same volume in the other LPAR cannot be fulfilled and the requesting job will eventually "time out" and fail. The VT Appliance cannot make the waiting LPAR aware that the volume has been released. Mount requests for the same VT volume within the same LPAR are not affected. Please avoid requesting that the same VT Volume be mounted in both LPARs at the same time.

RMM for Virtual Tape

Production User Panels in RMM now allow manipulation of Retention Periods and Expiration dates for Virtual Tape Volumes. On our Documentation page you can download a PDF file which describes the use of the new panels. To report problems, send email to

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