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Leasing - FAQs

This article explains answers to a set of frequently asked questions regarding computer leasing.

Program Benefits

Why should I lease rather than purchase a computer?

The Leasing program is designed to minimize downtime and the accompanying loss of productivity caused by computer problems. Should hardware problems occur (a failed power supply or hard drive for example), the defective parts or units will be replaced in order to allow the client to return to work without the need for service repair. Also, all leased computers are eligible for the optional Fee-Based Support program, which protects clients' data in addition to University approved software.

Available Models

What kind of computer do I get under the leasing program?

Computer Leasing offers many different models, including laptops, to meet your department's specific needs. Please see the Available Models in order to choose which serves you best.

How can I place an order for a new lease?

  • Go to the ITS Self-Service Portal to place your order and click on the link that begins with "Lease a New...".
  • Select from our standard configured models which contain standard software on each computer.
  • A Leasing technician will contact you to schedule an available time for the equipment to be set up at your desired location.
  • Once the new equipment is installed by the Leasing Department, billing will commence.

How can I replace an expired lease?

  • Go to the ITS Self-Service Portal to place your order and click on the link "Replace an Expired Leased Computer". (Please be sure to have the old serial number of the expired computer available prior to ordering.)
  • Select from our standard configured models which contain standard software on each computer.
  • A Desktop Support representative will contact you to schedule an available time for the equipment to be set up at your desired location. Desktop Support will also assist in any data migration to the new computer.
  • Once the replacement equipment is installed by Desktop Support, the old equipment will be removed and then billing will commence.

Can I expedite an order?

Yes, you can expedite an order/deployment for a fee of $250.00. Expedites are subject to standard Available Models only. Expedites will warrant a higher priority in the current queue of orders received. The order(s) will then be setup and configured by the Leasing Department. Expedites do not guarantee a specific date for the deployment of the ordered equipment.

Coverage and Commitments

What is covered under the leasing program?

All leased equipment are covered by Computer Leasing's replacement policy: if you experience a manufacturer hardware problem, the defective equipment is replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Please note that in the event of a hardware failure, only those who have contracted Fee-Based Support to backup their data will be able to retrieve lost files.

If my lease expires, will I still be billed if I have not returned the equipment yet?

At the end of the 36-month agreement, billing continues until equipment is either returned back to the Leasing department, or when the client begins a new/replacement lease.

If I have a question about billing, expiration dates, or just general questions, how can I contact the Leasing Department?

To send any inquiries, please fill out the request form at the ITS Self-Service Portal. Click on the "Leasing Inquiries" link and select from the drop-down topics or select "Other" and submit your question. A Leasing representative will later assist you.

What are clients' commitments?

The department is obligated to pay for the leased equipment for the entire lease period of 3 years. Please note that the billing for the lease will not terminate until the equipment is either returned or replaced. Clients are also responsible for backing up their own data, unless they are enrolled with Fee-Based Support. The client is also responsible for any fees if the leased equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged.

What if a computer or piece of equipment is lost or stolen?

Your department is responsible for lost or stolen equipment. If your equipment is lost or stolen, your department will be charged the value of the equipment. Henceforth, the lease of the equipment will be terminated. You will have the option to start a new lease if you choose. All equipment needs to be registered with University Risk Management.

What if my machine is damaged?

The client/department will be responsible for the cost of repair to any damaged leased equipment. (Damage as in physical or liquid damage) Dell and HP laptop repairs are $500, and Apple repairs will range between $825-$1310 depending on the model.

Costs and Payment

How much does it cost to lease a computer?

See the list of Available Models to determine pricing for your chosen computer.

How do I pay for my computer?

Departmental account is appropriated on a monthly or annual basis.

User Modifications

Am I allowed to add devices (Speakers, Webcams, optical drives, etc.) to the leased computers?

Please be advised that while clients are able to add external devices, those devices will be the sole responsibility of the client. Any device that you wish to add to a leased computer must be external.

Can I have memory added or add it myself?

Depending on the model, please contact the leasing department to see if this is possible.

Can a second monitor be added?

Yes, depending on the model, a second monitor can be added for an additional fee. Please see the Leasing Available Models page for more details.

Can I lease a different computer rather than the standard bundle?

No, only the standard bundle is available under the leasing program. If a department has a need for a non-standard computer, this equipment can be purchased, but not leased.

What if I want to upgrade our computers before the end of the leasing period?

Departments will be given the opportunity to buy out the computer and pay the remainder of the leased equipment’s purchase value. Please contact the leasing department for more details.

Set-Up Process

What software is included?

PCs include: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java, MozyPro, Identity Finder, Symantec Endpoint Protection (antivirus), WebEx Meeting Center/Productivity Tools, Microsoft Office 2013

Apples include: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java, MozyPro, Identity Finder, Symantec Endpoint Protection (antivirus), WebEx Meeting Center (no tools until an update is available for Office 2016), Microsoft Office 2016

Can I specify software to be added to the computers before they are delivered?

Please contact the leasing department.

Who sets up the computers?

A Desktop Support technician will install your new equipment and modify the necessary settings to ensure network connectivity and access to your printers. The technicians can also remove old leased equipment.

Will you join my computer to my domain?

Yes, our technicians can add the new computers to the AD domain.


If something goes wrong with the computer, or if I have a software question, whom do I contact?

If you have a question, concern, or problem with your computer, simply contact the IT Services Service Desk.

What happens if my hard drive crashes or my operating system gets corrupted and I haven't subscribed to Fee-Based Support?

If you have not subscribed to the Fee-Based Support program, only hardware issues are covered and the responsibility for data backup rests with the client. In the event of a hard drive failure, Computer Leasing will provide a replacement drive with the standard suite of software installed, but with no provisions for data recovery or installation of non-standard applications. In the event of an operating system corruption the customer must contact the ITS Service Desk. Client will assume responsibility for reinstalling the system; without the Fee-Based Support program, Computer Leasing provides no services addressing this contingency.


What happens to the computers at the end of the lease?

All computers and related equipment remain the property of Computer Leasing and will be removed at the end of the lease. You may opt to start a new lease with new equipment.

Can I purchase my computer at the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease, the user of the computer has the opportunity to purchase the leased equipment. To inquire about pricing, please contact the leasing department by visiting the ITS Self-Service Portal and click on the "Leasing Inquiries".

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