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Telephones - VoIP - Softkey Features

This article explains the different types of softkeys available on VoIP telephones.

Your IP phone uses softkeys for accessing call features and options. The Softkeys dynamically change based on the state of your phone, i.e. idle, dial-tone (ready to make a call), connected to a call.

The following is a list of most common features normally pre-set by IT Services based on meeting with business unit representatives.

  • Answer: Answer a call
  • CallBack: Receive notification when another busy IP Phone extension becomes available
  • Cancel: Cancel an action or exit a screen without applying changes
  • CFwdALL: Setup/cancel call forwarding (campus and off-campus calls)
  • Clear: Delete records or settings
  • Confrn: Create a conference call
  • Default: Restore settings (including volume) to original factory values
  • Delete: Remove characters to the right of the cursor when using EditDial
  • Dial: Dial an entered phone number
  • DirTrfr: Connects two calls on one line to each other without remaining on the line
  • EditDial: Edit a number in a call log
  • EndCall: Disconnect current call
  • Exit: Return to the previous screen
  • Hold: Put active call on hold
  • Immediate Divert (iDivert): Divert a call to voice mail
  • Join: Allows you to join two or more calls on one line to create a conference call
  • More: Display additional SoftKeys
  • NewCall: Make a new call
  • PickUp: Answer a call on another extension in your group (optional)
  • Redial: Redial the most recently dialed number
  • Resume: Resume a call on hold
  • Save: Save the chosen settings
  • Search: Search for a directory listing
  • Select: Select an item on the screen
  • Speed Dial: Direct dial button
  • Trnsfer: Transfer a call
  • Update: Refresh content and get the latest information (feature not available)
  • <<: Delete entered characters
  • >>: Move through entered characters

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