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Mainframe - University of Chicago Mainframe Upgrades

This article explains information about the maintenance and upgrades to the IBM z9 Mainframe System.

Data Center Services will continue to apply maintenance and upgrades to the IBM z9 Mainframe System. We will maintain this site as a source of detailed information about those changes, including our proposed timelines for testing and implementations. For details of Mainframe upgrade efforts since the Fall of 1999, please see our History archives.


The Schedule Page for UCHIBETA Environment and Machine Date information. We use FlashCopy to prepare disks for UCHIBETA.

All Scheduled ESP Events in UCHIBETA are suspended when that LPAR is IPLed daily. Triggered ESP Events in UCHIBETA are not affected. To "Unsuspend" a Suspended ESP Event in BETA, issue the line command "R" for "Resume" by the suspended event on the ISPF ESP List Events screen.

On Tuesday, 12/2/08, Data Center Services replaced the MAIL program in

Please use email address to request special settings for UCHIBETA.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption for FTP is required on the Mainframe. FTP is not available in the UCHIBETA LPAR. Please see our Core FTP documentation page to download and view an installation walk-through for a free Core FTP client for Windows which supports SSL encryption. WS-FTP Professional can also be enabled for SSL (but is not free). IT Services does not support, nor have we tested, any SSL FTP clients for Macintosh. DCS installed a new SSL Certificate in the UCHIMVS1 (Production) LPAR on Tuesday, 2/10/09. The SSL Certificate protects TN3270 and FTP traffic on the Mainframe. Please notify of any problems with Mainframe Logins and/or FTP Sessions.

RMM for Virtual Tape

Production User Panels in RMM allow manipulation of Retention Periods and Expiration dates for Virtual Tape Volumes. Download the RMMUserPanels.pdf which describes the use of the new panels. To report problems, send email to

/*SETUP Cards Disallowed

Effective Tuesday, 9/29/09, the use of /*SETUP cards is not allowed in Mainframe JCL. Please use this link for details about /*SETUP.

VSAM Control Area Change in z/OS 1.10

Under z/OS 1.10, there is a change in Control Area (CA) size selection for all new allocations of VSAM datasets on any Mainframe DASD Volume. Pre-existing VSAM datasets were not affected by the upgrade to z/OS 1.10, only new allocations and restores. Please follow this with questions/concerns about this change.


On Wednesday, 2/10/10, we implemented a new feature in our DASD Pooling/Budgeting Software which writes an end-of-file mark on non-VSAM datasets which were created in a job step but never opened.


On Thursday, 9/23/10, we removed the out-of-date and unsupported HFDL V2.1D from the Mainframe. HFDL is the forms-creation software for the Xerox DP100s. V2.1D did not support graphics or logos. HFDL V3.2 is active on the Mainframe but does not support previewing forms without updating the Xerox Printer Disk and overwriting existing forms of the same names. HFDL 3.2 is not directly available for users; please contact Todd Last if you need to create a new form or modify an existing one.


FTP has been enabled in the UCHIBETA LPAR effective 10/30/12.  All external IP Addresses are "locked down" except for those defined in BETA's ACF2 and NETACCESS control files. In order to request that an external IP Address be enabled as a target for BETA FTP, please email that request to; also use that address to report problems using FTP in UCHIBETA.

SAS 9.3 in Production

During System Test Time on Tuesday, 01/29/13, we installed SAS 9.3 in Production. SAS 9.3 had been available for Open Testing in BETA since Thursday, 08/30/12 and replaced SAS 9.1.3 in Production. All SAS 9.3 changes are documented in these two publications:

What's New in SAS 9.2 sas92whatsnew.pdf

What's New in SAS 9.3 and SAS Analytical Products 12.1 sas93whatsnew.pdf

Interactive SAS

Interactive SAS users (SAS in the TSO/ISPF environment) should be aware that in SAS 9.3, SAS HELP operates in an entirely new fashion. When the HELP command is entered or PF1 is selected users will no longer see the traditional ISPF-like help panels. Instead, users will be directed to copy and paste a URL into a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to access HTML help windows. An example of what will be seen in the Log window of interactive SAS is shown here:

NOTE: HELPHOST is not set and could not be determined. Enter the following address in your browser to set HELPHOST.


The Mainframe Operators performed an IPL of the UCHIMVS1 (Production) LPAR on Monday, 04/17/17, at 6:00 AM.


The Mainframe Operators will perform an IPL of the UCHIMVS1 (Production) LPAR on Monday, 04/24/17, at 6:00 AM.

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