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Trusted Agents (TAG) - FAQ

This article explains answers to a set of frequently asked questions regarding the Trusted Agents (TAG) service.

I'm a Trusted Agent and I can no longer find where to set up my Meeting IDs. Help!

The Meeting ID system has been replaced by the new Guest Network. As a Trusted Agent, you have the ability to sponsor wireless access accounts with no limits on the number of connected devices, meaning that all the members of your meeting/group/conference may use the same login and password to access the Guest Network. More information about using the Guest Network is available at

Can my department have multiple Trusted Agents?

Please contact us if you believe that your department needs more than one Trusted Agent and one backup Trusted Agent. It is important that we keep the number of Trusted Agents restricted, but we are happy to work with you to provide whatever service you need.

What if we have people who are not University staff or faculty members who need services for longer than three months?

You can provide Temporary account privileges for as long as needed. However, Temporary accounts have a three month lifespan, so you must update the expiration date every three months in order to keep the account active.

Can my Temporary TAG recipient choose her own CNetID?

Yes, from among a limited choice of CNetIDs. Temporary TAG accounts are designed to look different both to differentiate them from the regular University of Chicago accounts (remember that being granted TAG services does not make the TAG recipient otherwise affiliated with the University of Chicago) and to prevent the harvesting of desirable CNetIDs from the namespace.

Can our Trusted Agent grant Pre-Feed services to students?

No. The TAG Pre-Feed system is designed for use with faculty and staff accounts only.

Can our Trusted Agent add Pre-Feed or Temporary accounts for other departments or divisions?

There may be situations where the Trusted Agent is authorized to act for an entire division. Remember that the Trusted Agent is acting on behalf of the Dean or Vice President and may create account only for recipients who are affiliated with the Dean's or Vice President's department or division.

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