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Student Phone - Overview

This article explains the phone system available to students in University residence halls.


A student may request that they be provided a telephone for their room by contacting their Residence Hall manager and agreeing to the cost of services for having the phone.

You may use our phone services in order to make free on-campus, local and domestic long-distance calls. Calls to campus numbers are made by dialing the last five digits of the campus number, such as 2-7366. Calls off-campus, whether local or long distance, are made dialing 9 + 1 + Area Code + 7-digit number.

Our data services allow you to connect your personal computer to the campus network and to the Internet. Wired ethernet connections are provided on a port-per-pillow basis and WiFi connections are available in all common areas. More information may be found by selecting the link related to the service you are interested in, below.

White emergency telephones located throughout Hyde Park designed for your use and protection. They connect you directly to a University Police Dispatcher, who will assist you while a police car is sent to your location, if needed. More information about safety and security can be found at

Important Numbers

  • Emergency, police, and fire assistance: 123 or 773-702-8181.
  • University Information: 2-1234
  • University House System: 2-7366
  • Data jack repairs: dial 2-5800
  • Phone repairs: contact your front desk

Phone Services

Basic Room Phone Service and Repair

Each student can agree to the cost and "opt-in" to have a desk phone in their room.

Each phone has its own number that can be directly dialed from any phone, on campus or off campus. Anyone wishing to reach a student can either dial the number directly or call the residence hall front desk and ask to be connected to a student's room.

Any problems with your telephone service should be reported to your front desk. The desk will offer an exchange of equipment and will report the problem to IT Services if that fails to rectify the problem. Required telephone repairs will be completed in a timely manner whenever possible. However, certain repairs must be scheduled with you or an appointed representative present, since they require access to your room.

Charges for Phone Services

There is a monthly service charge but no domestic per-minute cost for IT Services phone service. International calls are accessed by using a calling card.

The total phone charges from your statement will be included in your tuition and fees bill produced by the Bursar’s Office and will be due by the date stated on the tuition and fees bill. Nonpayment of phone charges will result in academic restrictions. If you have any questions about calls or payments, call our Service Desk at 2-5800.

Action Against Harassing Telephone Calls

Telephone harassment consists of any threatening, abusive, obscene, or anonymous calls. If you receive such calls, you should hang up immediately. You should not talk to the caller or give out information about yourself or your roommate(s). Do not let the caller know if you are alone in your room. If you receive harassing telephone calls, contact the University House System office at 2-7366 and our Service Desk at 2-5800. Placing harassing telephone calls violates University guidelines and is a crime under federal and state laws. Persons placing such calls are subject to fines, imprisonment, and/or University-issued sanctions.

Telephone Repair

IT Services provides local service (dialtone) as part of your campus residence service; we assume responsibility only for the wiring, IT Services-provided telephones, and switching components from the jack in your wall back to our equipment. Students can bring their own telephones but are responsible for all repairs. If you are having a problem with your telephone, you should first try to determine where the problem lies. Try these steps first:

  • Try a new phone from your residence hall's front desk in the jack you are having trouble with. If the new phone doesn't work, then the problem is probably with the jack or the wiring.
  • Common points of failure are with the cords: either the line cord which goes from the wall to the telephone set or the coiled handset cord. Try new cords from the residence hall front desk and see if this solves the problem.
  • If you have accessories, such as an answering machine, the problem may be with the accessory. Unplug the equipment to see if your phone works.

If you've tried a new phone or cord and still have a problem, return the new equipment to the front desk and ask them to report the problem to IT Services. All residence hall trouble tickets must originate from the residence hall's front desk.

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