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Call Center ACD (Centergy) - Functions & Report Types

This article explains the functions of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

ACD Functions:

  • Night Service is a mode of ACD operation that distributes calls to the appropriate destination: telephone, answering service, or voice mailbox after business hours. It is activated and canceled via a feature button on a supervisor's telephone. When Night Service is activated, the indicator lamp will flutter. While Night Service is in effect, agents cannot sign on to receive ACD calls. Night Service must be deactivated before agents can sign on.

  • Sign-On is a function which allows an agent to go online to receive ACD calls. When the indicator lamp is off, the agent is online.

  • Sign-Off is a function which allows agents to stop receiving ACD calls. When the indicator lamp is on, the agent is offline.

  • Indication of Calls In Queue is done via a lamp signal; a pre-programmed number of calls allowed before the threshold is reached is preset in your ACD system. The phone’s display will indicate the calls in queue and the number of agents on line. As ACD calls begin to queue, if the number of calls is less than the threshold, the queue signal shows a slow flash. The lamp changes to a flutter when the number of calls in queue is the same as or more than the threshold.

ACD Report Types:

  • Agent Average Report is used to evaluate agent performance within the group. This electronic report can be used to identify top agents as well as identify agent abuses of the system.

  • Pilot Hourly Report is used to predict peak busy periods for the ACD. The Pilot Hourly Report is an electronic report which will show a clear pattern of peak hours when compared over a period of days or weeks.

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