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Chalk - View Attempts in the Grade Center (Instructors)

This article explains how to view attempts of assignments, tests, and surveys in Chalk. Instructors may need to view a student's test attempt to grade the item, reset the test, or verify the student has completed questions.

View an Assignment Attempt

  1. Access the Grade Center.
    Grade Center Drop-down Menu

  2. Locate the assignment you wish to view, then click the Down Arrow to access the expanded menu.
    Chalk Assignment Drop-down Arrow

  3. Click View Grade Details.
    Chalk Assignment Drop-down Menu

  4. Click the View Attempts button.
    Assignment View Attempts Button

  5. View the student's assignment attempt. The document will display in the browser. If desired, download the document by clicking on the link in the right hand Assignment Details panel.
    Assignment Attempt Page

  6. Update the Grade or enter Feedback for the student, then click the Submit button. If there were no changes made on the assignment edits, click the Exit button.
    Submit Button

View a Test Attempt

  1. Access the Grade Center.
  2. Find the test you wish to view, click to open the Expanded menu, and then click View Grade Details.

  3. Click the View Attempt button.
    Assignment View Attempts Button

  4. View the student's test attempt.
  5. When finished, if no changes were made, click the Exit button.
    Exit Button

View a Survey Attempt

  1. Access the Grade Center.
  2. Locate the column for the survey you want to review, then click the drop-down arrow.
    Grade Center Survey Column

  3. Click to open the expanded menu, then click Attempts Statistics.
    Survey Column Drop-down Menu

  4. On the Survey Statistics page, the total number of students that completed the survey as well as their answers displays. Click the Submit button after reviewing the survey information.
    Survey Statistics Page

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