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xMail - What's New in OWA 2010

This article explains new features in Outlook Web App (OWA) 2010.

Outlook Web App 2010: Quick Reference Card (CNetID and password login required)

The server upgrade to Exchange 2010 offers a way to access your email and calendar over the web.  Migrated users will access OWA 2010 at

Cross-browser support

Equal browser experience within Internet Explorer 7 and later, Firefox 3 and later, Safari 3 and later, and Chrome 1 and later

Calendar sharing

Share calendars with people inside and outside the organization. They can view multiple calendars side by side in Outlook Web App and use the Scheduling Assistant to schedule meetings with people inside and outside the organization.

View shared calendars in side-by-side mode

Control exactly how much calendar details to share

Conversation view - new default view

Display email conversations as conversation threads containing sent messages as well as received email, allowing users to keep track of responses. The entire thread can also be deleted or archived. Users also have the option to ignore the remainder of an ongoing conversation. For more information see Learn About Conversations.


You've always been able to search your mail when using Outlook Web App. Now you also have the option to use a set of predefined filters to refine your search. For more information about filters, see Search for an Item.


You might have noticed a new folder named Favorites at the top of your folder list. You can drag any folder up to Favorites to create a shortcut to that folder. Favorites can make it easier to access the folders you use the most. For more information, see Favorites.


Right-clicking almost anywhere in Outlook Web App will display a menu of things you can do. The actions available in the right-click menus have been expanded and made more consistent across your mailbox. Right-click a message, a folder, or a calendar entry to see the options that are available now.

Attach Messages to Messages

Sometimes you want to send an attachment with a message. In the past, you could attach a picture, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or almost any file available to you to a message. But you couldn't attach a message from inside your mailbox to a message you were composing. Now you can. For information, see Working with Attachments.

Nickname cache

By storing the email addresses of recent recipients, the nickname cache helps users address email more quickly by providing a suggested name list as they type. The nickname cache combines all recent recipients of email from Outlook Web App and Outlook Mobile.

Message tracking

If a user wants to see if a message was delivered, they can go to their Sent Items folder, right-click on the message and choose the Open Delivery Report option. OWA will then display a delivery report for the message.

Mail Tips

The Mail Tips feature displays important information about an email message before users click Send. For example, we've all encountered instances in which someone clicked Reply to All to a message they were blind copied on. OWA now warns users before they commit this common email blunder.

The Mail Tips feature can give users additional email message guidance. For example, it can inform the sender if the intended recipient has enabled Out of Office Assistant. It also alerts a user when he or she is about to send a message to a large number of recipients.

Message filtering

Message filtering gives users with large mailboxes the ability to view a subset of their messages. With this feature, users can filter mail to display only unread messages, or important messages or messages with attachments.

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