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Outlook 2010 - Add a Delegate to Your xMail Account

This article explains how to add a delegate to your xMail account using Outlook 2010.

If you have an Exchange email account (commonly referred to as xMail), you can allow another xMail user to send email messages on your behalf. To do so, you must add that user as a delegate to your mailbox. You can give a delegate different permissions for different folders, which allows you to control access to items in your Exchange mailbox.

Note: You should make another user a delegate only if you want that user to be able to send email on your behalf. If you only want to allow a user to view the contents of a folder without being able to respond on your behalf, do not make that user a delegate.

  1. From the File tab, click Account Settings and then Delegate Access from the drop-down menu.

  2. delegate1.gif

  3. In the Delegates Window, click Add...
  4. Select the xMail users you wish to add as delegates by searching the Global Address List. When you've finished selecting users, click OK.

  5. delegate2.gif

  6. In the Delegate Permissions dialog box, set permissions for the users you have selected. If you add just one user, the settings you choose will control the permissions for that user. If you add multiple delegates at the same time, the settings you choose will control the permissions for all of those delegates. By default, Outlook gives delegates Editor permissions for Calendar and Tasks, so in order for the delegate to send email on your behalf, select the appropriate permissions level next to Inbox. Editors have the ability to read, create, and modify items.

  7. xMail Delegate Permissions Editor

    You can modify individual delegate permissions at a later time by selecting a delegate's name from the Delegates dialog box, and then clicking Permissions.

  8. The Delegates window appears with the names you selected. Confirm the settings by clicking OK.

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