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Business Objects - DeskI - Unable to Log In

This article explains how to resolve several issues that can occur when trying to log in to Business Objects Desktop Intelligence.

All the logon screen prompts are blank (and they were previously had values)

If you have recently moved the "My Business Objects Documents" folder from the local "My Documents" folder (perhaps to a network shared drive), you will need to move it back. This folder contains the configuration and setup information for Business Objects. If you want to move your documents to a network share or new location then only move the folder "Userdocs" that is in the "My Business Objects Documents" folder. You should also change the user documents folder location that Business Objects Desktop Intelligence. See knowledge article Business Objects - DeskI - Changing the User Documents Folder Location (Win) for instructions.

If you didn't move the "My Business Objects Documents" folder or deleted these files follow the steps below.

The System prompt (and the drop-down list) is blank or I only see "@bodox..."

For IRF reporting, the system prompt should contain and entry of " (J2EE Portal)". This entry cannot be typed in, it must be pre-populated or selected from the drop-down list. Add this connection to your system drop-down list.

  1. Close Business Objects Desktop Intelligence if you have it open
  2. Open the folder My Documents/My Business Objects Documents/LocData
  3. Remove all files starting with "@bobisprd..."
  4. Close the folder
  5. Right-click on the link @bobisprd_uchicago_edu_j2ee.extranet and select "Save Target As..."
  6. Save the file in: My Documents > My Business Objects Documents > LocData
  7. Open Business Objects Desktop Intelligence
  8. If the system prompt doesn't contain " (J2EE Portal)", select it from the drop-down list
  9. Make sure the authentication prompt (at the bottom) is set to "Windows AD"
  10. Enter your CNetID and password

If you still cannot log in, please contact IRF Support

You get an "Internal Problem" error message when you try to log in

This usually occurs if you are not entering your password correctly. Check the Caps Lock and try logging in again. Also make sure the Authentication on the login screen is set to "Windows AD".

You can also click on the Details button for more information.

  • If you see "openSessionLogon with user info has failed (Unable to connect to cluster)" in the error message, then the Business Objects system is unavailable. Check your email for an alert message indicating when the system will be available again.
  • If you see "unable to proceed to the handshake; HTTP communications problem" in the error message, then your connection file is incorrect. Follow the steps above to get a new connection file.

If there is no Details button at the bottom right of the "Internal Problem" error message box, you may be logging on via a wireless network connection but have not yet authenticated to the wireless network. To fix this problem, open a web browser and enter your CNetID and password on the authentication page.

If you still cannot log in please contact IRF Support or try using InfoView to run reports at


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