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Eduroam - How to Join

This article explains how to connect to the University's Eduroam wireless network.

Joining Eduroam requires a 802.1x compatible OS and your CNet credentials.

Note: You must use your full email address,, to log in to eduroam while off-campus.

If you configured your device using the automatic configuration tool at the UChicago Wireless Network webpage after March 23, 2011, then your machine is already configured to use eduroam when uchicago-secure is not available, for example, when you are traveling and at a partner institution which participates in eduroam). Joining eduroam is not much different than joining uchicago-secure:

In the above instructions, replace the SSID uchicago-secure with eduroam and add the domain to your CNetID ( at login.

Note: Only use in conjunction with your CNetID - no other domain will work when using your CNetID with eduroam. Some commonly used domains on the University of Chicago campus, which work for email addressing among other things, will not work when used with eduroam. For example, do,,, etc.

At some schools, WPA instead of WPA2 is supported. Change the configuration accordingly, or let your OS automatically detect the proper encryption. At the University of Chicago, our eduroam implementation uses the following security configuration:

  • Network security type: WPA2 (sometimes referred to as WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Data encryption: AES
  • Authentication: Secured password via Protected EAP (PEAP) with Microsoft CHAP (MSCHAPv2)
  • Authentication Servers:,
  • Trusted Intermediate Certification Authority: InCommon Server CA
  • Trusted Root Certification Authority: AddTrust External CA Root
    Note: The trusted root CA changed on June 14th, 2015. Please refer to Wireless - Secure Network SSL Certificate Update for more information.

Prior to traveling, make sure to join the SSID eduroam on the Chicago campus and test your eduroam configuration. This will allow IT Services to help you, should you encounter difficulties, and will increase the security of the system by verifying the uchicago certificate on our local trusted network.

Support for University of Chicago Faculty, Staff, and Students in Other Locations

University of Chicago faculty, staff, and students should not rely on the visited institution for support when troubleshooting network access with eduroam. Visited institutions are not obligated nor prepared to support visitors accessing eduroam. The appropriate University of Chicago support groups will coordinate with the visited institution's technical staff, if necessary, to resolve connectivity or other networking problems.

Support for Visitors to the University of Chicago Campus

Please rely on your home institution's technical support for eduroam-related connectivity problems. They will coordinate with our technical staff, if necessary, to resolve connectivity or other networking problems.

External Resources

In order to use eduroam, both your home and visiting institutions must participate. There are presently only a small handful of U.S. schools which have deployed eduroam; however, the majority of European and some Canadian schools have.

Eduroam Members

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