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Wireless - Manual Configuration for Macintosh 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7

This article explains how to manually set up your Mac computer to use the uchicago-secure wireless network.

Macintosh 10.5 and 10.6

  1. Click the AirPort icon on your toolbar and select Open Network Preferences.

    Open Network Preferences

  2. On the Network window, select AirPort and click the Advanced button.

    Airport Settings

  3. On the 802.1X tab, click the plus (+) button in the lower left corner and select Add User Profile.

    Add User Profile

  4. Enter the user profile information:

    • Type uchicago-secure in the field on the left box beneath User Profiles.
    • Enter your CNetID in the User Name field on the right. (For security reasons, it is best to leave the password field blank.)
    • Make sure PEAP is the only box checked in the Authentication box.
    • If you are in range of uchicago-secure, make sure it is selected in the Wireless Network drop-down menu.  Otherwise type it in the field.
    • Click OK.

    User Profile

  5. Click the Apply button.

    Apply Advanced Settings

  6. Click the Advanced button again and click the AirPort option on the top of the "Network" window. Click the + button to add a network.

    Add a Network

  7. Enter the network information:

    • Network Name: uchicago-secure
    • Security: WAP2 Enterprise
    • User Name: <Your CNetID>
    • Password: <Your CNet Password>
    • 802.1X: uchicago-secure
    • Click the Add button

    Network Detail

  8. Drag uchicago-secure to the top of the Preferred Networks list and click OK.

    Preferred Networks

  9. Click the Apply button.

    Apply Settings

NOTE: After configuring the 802.1X connection and applying it in the AirPort Interface, the Mac may appear connected, but it is not. You may need to turn off AirPort and turn it back on to force it to prompt you to enter your authentication credentials (CNetID and password). Click the AirPort icon on the top toolbar and choose Turn AirPort Off. Then click the AirPort icon again and choose Turn AirPort On. You should be prompted for your CNetID and password.

Macintosh 10.7

  1. Click the WiFi icon on your toolbar and select the uchicago-secure network.


  2. A prompt appears for username and password authentication.

    • Username: <your CNetID>
    • Password: <your CNet password>


  3. When the “Verify Certificate” window appears, click the Continue button.


  4. The system requests your administrator password. This is your local Mac password, not your CNet. Once you type in the credentials, click Update Settings.


  5. Wait about 10 to 15 seconds and you should be connected.


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