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Instant Messaging - Conference Rooms

This article explains how to use conference rooms in Spark, the IT Services recommended instant messaging client.

Spark also offers the ability to create or join conference rooms, enabling you to chat with groups of your friends at once.

  • To join a public conference room, go to Conferences (single-click) > (double-click). Double-click on your conference room to join it. If your room is not listed, then it either does not exist or is private (see next).
  • To join a private conference room, go to Conferences (single-click) > (double-click) > Create or Join Room. Enter the name of your private room in "Room Name", enter a topic(optional) and enter a password (if applicable) then click Create. You may be asked to enter your nickname, which is your CNetID by default, but you can change it if you wish.
  • To create a new conference room, go to Conferences (single-click) > (double-click) > Create or Join Room. Enter the name of your room then click Create to create the room. The conference room created via this method will have a dynamically-generated name of the form CNetID_*** (where the *** is a randomly generated string of numbers and/or letters). There are several options available to you when creating a new conference room:
    • Enter the same password in both "Password" and "Confirm Password" to require a password when joining the conference room.
    • Check Room is permanent to keep the conference room on the server after all users have left it. NOTE: If this is used in conjunction with a password, and the password is forgotten, then the room will need to be deleted by the IM administrators and recreated once this is done.
    • To invite others into your new conference room, right-click on the list of users on the right-hand side of the window and select Invite Users with a left-click - this will bring up the "Invite To Conference" dialog. Click Roster... to add others from your contact list or you can add users not on your contact list by entering their in the Add JID field and clicking Add. Customize the "Message:" field as you see fit, but do not modify the "Room:" field, then click Invite.

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