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Instant Messaging - Generic Configuration Settings

This article provides the general configuration instructions for the University of Chicago instant messaging service.

Every Jabber client has a different method of configuration. A popular program is Spark, which you can download. To configure a client on your own (perhaps to take advantage of a client that also supports AIM, such as GAIM or Adium), here is the generic information you'll need:

  • Protocol: Jabber/XMPP. You must use a client which supports this standard. A fairly exhaustive list of such clients can be found on the home page.
  • Servername:
  • Port: Try 5222. Some clients may require you to change to 5223, however, depending on the exact SSL support.
  • SSL: On. If if offers "STARTTLS" support, choose that; otherwise, just make sure it's trying to connect securely.

Some clients hide the "SSL" option. Some automatically change the port to 5223 when you turn on SSL; others don't. Both of these are things to watch out for. (Some clients also handle SSL negatively -- there'll be a box for "allow plain-text transmission" or the like that must be unchecked.)

On first login, you will of course be asked for a login name. This will probably take the form of, using your own CNetID, of course; a few clients might only use the CNetID. Authenticate using your CNet password.

Some clients may require you to specify a full IM address when you're adding someone to your Contact list. This will take the form of Most clients will also let you give a nickname to your contacts when you add them, so you don't have to see the whole address all the time.

If you want to access a chat room, you may need to specify the chat room server. It's The generic address of a chat room is Note that the "real" name of a chat room cannot have spaces, but you can specify a nickname or description which some clients will display in lieu of the real name -- this can cause some confusion.

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