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CNetID Email Aliases

This article explains how to create and manage CNetID aliases.

What is a CNetID email Alias?

An alias (sometimes also called a nickname) is a pointer to your address. This allows you to receive mail at in addition to your regular address. Please note you can't use an alias to log in to any system and must still use your CNetID.

How can I add a CNetID email Alias?

To add or change a CNetID email alias, sign in to using your CNetID and password/passphrase, and click Add a new mail alias. Enter the alias you want in the field and click Add new mail alias. As long as this name is not already in use, you will be able to receive mail at within a couple of hours. You can have up to five aliases, in addition to your address.

How can I change my CNetID email Alias?

To change a CNetID email alias you must delete the alias and recreate it.

How can I delete a CNetID email Alias?

Simply sign in to using your CNetID and password/passphrase, and click on the link Edit your alternate addresses. Next click the appropriate "Delete" link. Deleted aliases stop forwarding email immediately. They also immediately become available for other people to claim as aliases or CNetIDs.

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