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Basic Unix - Intermediate Command Reference

This article describes some intermediate commands in Unix operating systems.

This command reference sheet gives you a list of Unix commands organized by topic.

login stuff
reading messages: msgs
setting up your terminal: tset ; stty (options)
file system
locating programs: whereis, which
checking disk space: du (-a), df
compression: compress, uncompress
file information
count words/lines in a file: wc sort a file: sort
look at the beginning or end of a file: head, tail
search for strings in files: grep pattern filelist
file permissions/security
change your password: passwd
change file protection: chmod
other programs which do nifty things
  • sending/receiving electronic mail : mail
  • saving your session into a file: script
  • text editing: vi, emacs, pico
  • printing: lpr, enscript (-P printername)
  • working with printer queues: lpq,lprm (-P printername)
  • transferring files: ftp
  • looking at the time: date
terminal keys
  • ^C interrupts what you have a program doing at the time
  • ^D exits from many programs
  • ^U (in csh or tcsh) will erase a command line on most terminals
  • ^Z suspends things
directory names
  • `.' means where you are now; `..' means the directory right above you. These are relative.
  • `~' is your home directory, and is absolute.
  • `~' can also be used as shorthand for "the path leading up to another user's account name," so /h2/foo/file = ~foo/file (the system looks up "user" or "foo" in the password file, and comes back with something like /nfs/harper/h2/foo ... ).
printer names
  • If you'll be doing a lot of printing in one session, you can say "setenv PRINTER printername" instead of retyping "-P printername" after each print command. This will set your printer for the rest of the session.

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