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Connect to the University Network

This article describes several ways to connect to the University's data network.

Getting Connected

IT Services provides more than one method of connecting to the University's network. Each computer or other device connected to the University of Chicago network needs an IP address in order send or receive information on the network. In many areas of campus and all of the residence halls, an IP address is automatically available when the computer is physically connected to a jack. This is known as Document 15967 is unavailable at this time. (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and instructions for setting your computer to take advantage of this can be found on the page. If you need to manually register an address, you may use the DHCP Network Registration page.

Wireless Access

Wireless access to the internet is available in most areas of campus. If your computer has a wireless interface, you can use it to check email or browse the web in these areas, in accordance with University policies. Additional information and instructions for wireless are on our Wireless site.

Wired Access

Many computers are plugged into a network jack. If there is no jack in a location where you require one, place an order by contacting the ITS Service Desk. If a jack in that location needs to be activated or repaired, you can request such work through our Jack Activation form. Most computers on the wired network are configured to use Dynamic IP Connections (DHCP).

Connecting in the Residence Halls

Computing in the Residence Halls is handled with consideration of the unique needs and concerns of the residents. Visit Rescom for more information.

Off-Campus Connections

Travelers or those with broadband internet connections who want access to resources that are restricted to the University community can avail themselves of our VPN service. This service lets you access restricted resources held on the University network, such as non-web-based file shares. If you are unsure about whether or not you need to use the VPN, check with local support or contact the ITS Service Desk before installing the VPN software.

If your remote connection needs are complex, you may wish to consult with your departmental support team.

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