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Web Proxy - Registering Sites

This article describes how to register sites in the campus web proxy.

Only sites which have been registered in the web proxy can be successfully referred through it. If you are working with an outside web resource that needs to be registered with the proxy, please email for registration information.

If you need to refer another member of the University community to a document on a restricted website -- for example, if you're linking to a journal article in a class discussion on Chalk -- you will need to format the link in a way that redirects them through the web proxy. If you don't do this, your readers will need to jump through hoops to access that resource when they're off-campus.

To direct someone through the web proxy, you need to prepend the link destination with a reference to the proxy:

Address Bar

As an example: If the URL you need to proxy is

Address Bar URL Example

then in your web page, you would need to link to

Address Bar - Proxy Example

Note that if you're already going through the proxy, you can just cut-and-paste the URL out of your web browser; look for a reference to "" to see if that's the case.

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